Store evacuated due to police incident – Today in York: Live

Police, fire crews and paramedics at B&Q on Hull Road today. Photograph: Edward Breslin / Minster FM
26 Sep 2018 @ 8.08 am
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Key updates

1:16 pm

Store evacuation linked to missing York man

Another view of the emergency services at the scene. Photograph: Edward Breslin / Minster FM
A large York store was evacuated today due to a police incident.

Police, fire crews and paramedics were called to the B&Q DIY warehouse on Hull Road.

It was in connection with the search for missing York man Stuart Aiken. He was seen in the area.

Officers believed that he may have been in possession of a substance which could cause himself personal harm.

They stressed he was not believed to be a risk to members of the public.

As we reported earlier, Mr Aiken has been found and is receiving appropriate medical treatment.

11:07 am

Free activities at the NRM as it flies the Suffrage Flag

Flavie Vial from APHA flies the Suffrage Flag
The Suffrage Flag has arrived in York – and the National Railway Museum is holding special activities today to celebrate.

The museum is running a series of free public activities from 11am – 2pm in the museum’s Great Hall and will temporarily display collection items relating to the story of women and the railways.

Jim Lowe, head of operations at the National Railway Museum, said:

  • Women have always been vital to the success of the railways and we are proud to support this campaign and to help tell the important story of women’s suffrage.

The distinctive purple, white and green flag of the women’s suffrage movement is on a national tour to mark 100 years since some women in the UK received the right to vote.

On Monday it arrived at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) in Foss House, before being flown by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) at Sand Hutton.

Flavie Vial, statistician at APHA, said:

  • From the chief plant health officer at Defra to the team leader of the facilities services team, we have a tremendous group of women who come to work on site every day and play a significant role in making the UK’s bioeconomy the envy of the world.

    Given our scientific focus and York’s engineering heritage, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to add a ‘Women in STEM’ twist to the tour, celebrating female science and engineering achievements.

8:16 am

Two arrested after laser pen shone at police helicopter over York

Photograph: National Police Air Service on Twitter
Two people have been arrested for ‘recklessly endangering an aircraft’ after a laser pen was directed at the police helicopter over York.

PC Drummond said in a tweet that the incident happened as the helicopter was assisting them in the city, adding:

  • Very dangerous and a complete disregard for the helicopter crew’s safety!

He arrested the two people. You can see in the tweet below how blinding a laser like this can be for pilots.

8:06 am

Today’s weather

It’s warming up again! Light cloud and breezy in York today, with a top temp of 18°C.

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