York flooding – Live updates

We’ll keep you up-to-date on the river levels after Storm Dennis in York and North Yorkshire.

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Pictures of the river at its peak last night

11 months ago

These pictures showing the River Ouse pretty much at its 4.4m peak yesterday are from photographer about town, the very talented Lewis Outing.

They include an image of the Peckitt Street pump working hard to keep the waters at bay.

The river levels are now set to gradually fall.

Photograph: Lewis Outing
Photograph: Lewis Outing
Photograph: Lewis Outing
Skeldergate today. Photograph: YorkMix

Tuesday flooding update – the roads affected

11 months ago

The river level remains high and is affecting a number of roads in and around York.

As at Tuesday (25 February):

  • Skeldergate is closed.
  • Tower Street is open.
  • A19 at Germany Beck – pumps are in place to deal with any surface water. We expect that the road will continue to stay open.
  • Fordlands Road is closed. A 4-wheel drive vehicle is providing a shuttle service for residents.
  • B1222 Naburn Lane is closed.
  • Main Street, Nether Poppleton is closed.
  • Acaster Lane is closed.
  • Millennium Bridge is closed.
  • Knavesmire Road is closed.

Here are the bus routes affected by the floods

11 months ago

This table, from iTravel York, gives details of which bus routes are affected by floods.

As a guide, at 5pm today (Tuesday, 25 February) the river level was 4.45m.

River level*Roads closedBus routes affectedDiversion
3.55mMain St. (Nether Poppleton)10Dikelands Lane, Ebor Way
3.90mAcaster Lane21Appleton Road
3.90mB1222 Naburn Lane42A19
4.00mSkeldergate3, 3A, 4, 59, ZAPNunnery Lane, Bishopgate St.
4.00mSkeldergate45, 46, X46Rougier St, Station Rd, Nunnery Lane
4.3mFordlands Road25, 26Terminate services on Fulford Main St.
4.80m pA19 Selby Rd7, 18, 36, 42, 415A64, Hull Road
4.80m pTower St.3, 3A, 4, 59, ZAPTerminate at Rail Station
4.80m pTower St.7, 42, 66, 415Piccadilly, Merchantgate
5.45mClifton Green2, 2A, 19, 29, 30, 31XA1237, Boroughbridge Rd.
5.45mA19 Shipton Rd2, 2A, 29, 30, 31XA1237, Boroughbridge Rd.
5.45mSalisbury Road2, 2A, 10, 19, 29, 30, 31XPoppleton Rd.
5.45mHamilton Drive16York Rd.

Here’s the river level – live and updated

11 months ago

This live gauge showing the River Ouse level at Viking Recorder, is from Gauge Map.

It is updated hourly.

Keith Aspden in front of a flooded Fordlands Road. Photograph: York Lib Dems

Keith Aspden responds to Fordlands Road flooding concerns

11 months ago

We reported yesterday on the concerns of residents in Fordlands Road in Fulford, about the flooding they are suffering.

Council leader Keith Aspden – who also happens to be the Liberal Democrat councillor for Fulford and Heslington – has now responded. He said:

  • Residents in Fulford should not have to suffer from the flooding on Fordlands Road and Fordlands Crescent. This is an issue I and many local residents have long been campaigning on.

    Although it’s welcome that volunteers, additional Council staff, pumps and tankers have been deployed today, with Yorkshire Water, the concerns of the local community must be taken on board.

    What is most important here is to ensure flood protection for the wider community, including Fordlands Road, Fordlands Crescent and the A19.

    A flood defence scheme developed in isolation, for example, just to protect the A19, would not be acceptable to the community.

He said having secured £500K from the council, “agencies including the Environment Agency, must now urgently bring forward a plan and consultation.

“It is time to challenge partners to develop a joined up flood plan for Fulford.”

Cllr Aspden has launched a petition calling for just that.

He has also been talking to David Dunning of Minster FM about the situation.

A road underwater off Skeldergate in York on Tuesday. Photograph: YorkMix

River could peak as high as 4.72m tomorrow

11 months ago

In the words of Sir Alex Ferguson, we could be approaching squeaky bum time.

The latest forecast from the Flood Information Service is that the River Ouse could peak at 4.72m.

It is predicted to reach that level at 11pm tonight (Tuesday, 25 February).

City of York Council have consistently said the city’s flood defences will hold water up to 4.8m, so it’s getting close.

Skeldergate remains closed today.

Skeldergate in York

‘Nothing’s been done to help us’

11 months ago

“All this flooding since 2000 – nothing’s been done to help us whatsoever.”

Residents at Fordlands Road in Fulford have been explaining their frustrations to David Dunning of Minster FM.

River levels – Monday gallery

11 months ago

Here are some pictures showing the River Ouse at around 1pm today.

York city centre remains mostly unaffected by the localised flooding, and is very much open for business.

River level is falling in York

11 months ago

It looks like the River Ouse has peaked.

The last recorded level for the river in York was 4.44m at noon today (Monday).

That was a fall from the high at around 6.30am of 4.48m.

The snow and rain has now cleared, and there’s very little rain in the forecast for the next few days.

Monday morning update: River due to peak by 9.30am

11 months ago

Source: The Flood Warning Information Service
The River Ouse has now surpassed its previous 2020 peak and at 8am on Monday was recorded at 4.47m.

It is due to rise for the next hour, with a forecasted peak reached at 9.30am of 4.61m.

That’s very high, but comfortably under the 4.8m required to breach the flood defences.

It is then due to start falling, down to a predicted 4.16m by 7am tomorrow (Tuesday 25 February).

According to the latest Met Office weather forecast, the snow and rain this morning will stop by lunchtime.

The there is little rain in the forecast until the end of the week.

The rescue at Naburn. Photograph: Station Manager Tony Walker on Twitter

Firefighters wade in to rescue people from car stuck in floodwater

11 months ago

Firefighters have rescued two people stuck in a car in floodwater at Naburn.

Station Manager Tony Walker tweeted out pictures of the rescue which took place this afternoon.

Crews from York and Acomb were called to the scene and were more than knee-high in floodwater when they reached
the Volvo near Naburn marina. They brought a man and a woman to dry ground.

He said firefighters responded because the safety and wellbeing of the driver and passenger were at risk.

The flood was clearly signposted.

Mr Walker said: “The driver ignored the obvious sign and visible flooding. We will not recover vehicles! Do not drive through flood water!”

He added that he had offered them some “sound advice”.

‘It’s very hard to keep positive when this keeps happening’

11 months ago

Another business owner struggling to stay positive in the face of the ongoing bad weather is Becky Wensley.

She runs Tower Vue Café on Tower Street, and says trade has been badly hit this half term.

Speaking to David Dunning of Minster FM Becky said:

  • We’re very tired after the week that we’ve had, plus the worry about the river.

    You need to be open because there have been visitors to York. But it’s very hard to keep positive when this keeps happening.

She estimates the café has lost between £1,000 and £1,500 this week. And the cancellation of the Battle Spectacular finale to the Jorvik Viking Festival also hit business.

  • This week is normally one of the busiest weeks we have.

    It always has been because of the Viking Festival… This Saturday and Sunday was supposed to be our main weekend – and it just went flat.

Flood hit businesses in York tell of their anguish

11 months ago

Open for business – Plonkers on Cumberland Street. Photograph: Plonkers Winebar on Facebook
Sunday newspaper The Observer has been reporting in York as part of its flooding coverage.

You can read the full story on the Guardian website here.

But here are a few quotes which shows how difficult these past weeks have been for riverside businesses.

Plonkers owner Leann Williams says that a pump system means the bar is still open during the floods, but people assume it’s closed when they see water at the end of Cumberland Street. She said:

  • I’ve had this business for 30 years, and I have flooded nearly every year.

    I’ve listened to every story and every solution and every promise, and nothing will get done, it just stays the same.

    This street is known as the flooded street, so we’re the one that’s classed as closed. It’s half-term and it’s just awful. It’s horrendous.

    I get really emotional about it because it’s 30 years and I’m at the point now where I’ve had enough, I want out. For 30 years I’ve provided jobs in this city. I’m done, I don’t want to do it any more. It’s heartbreaking.

Dyls Café Bar on Skeldergate Bridge is another on the frontline. Malcolm Dyl has spent about £80,000 on flood barriers and water pumps to keep the business safe, he told the Observer’s Jessica Murray:

  • We’re suffering extremely badly at the moment.

    When the water is up, somebody has to sleep here all night because the electric could cut. If the electric cuts we have to put a generator on – it costs money.

    What if this time it does come up over the barrier? It’s very close to. It will wipe our business out completely.

    Our trade is down by 80% this February compared to last year, so you can imagine our cash flow. Our budget has gone out the window. Everybody I speak to, I just don’t get any help.

York sandwich shop gives away free sausages after Storm Dennis ruins trade

11 months ago

Photograph: Shambles Kitchen
A York sandwich shop is giving away sausage sandwiches to homeless people after the storms ruined trade this week.

Shambles Kitchen says in a Facebook post:

  • We need your help. Storm Dennis has ruined trade this week so we have loads of sausages left.

    Help us get the message out to the homeless or anyone else in York in need of a feed.

You can go down to their stall near Pret in Parliament Street for a free Bratwurst if you’re in need, or it’s £3 for those that can afford to pay to help cover wages and rent.

They’ll be serving till about 4.30pm.

York river level set to surpass last week’s peak

11 months ago

The latest flood forecasts suggest the River Ouse in York will rise higher than it did last Monday.

On that day it reached a little over 4.4m. But the latest forecast from the Flood Warning Information Service says levels will rise to 4.65m by 7.15am tomorrow (Sunday 24 February).

York’s river defences can hold the water to a level of 4.8m.

As of 8am the recorded level was 4.24m.

There are currently ten flood warnings in and around York:

The River Ouse just before 6pm on Saturday, pictured on the Farson Digital Water Cam

Saturday evening – River level update

11 months ago

The River Ouse is rising, and may reach the levels of last Monday.

You can read our main story about this here.

In York on Saturday evening the river had reached 3.62m. If it does peak at 4.5m or less tomorrow, as expected, the defences should hold.

Four flood warnings are in place right now:

Full details on the Flood Warning Information Service.

Roads affected

  • Clementhorpe has a flood defence closing the road just after the junction with River Street
  • the B1222 in Naburn and Acaster Lane is closed due to flooding
  • Main Street, Nether Poppleton is now open, but may flood again.

Council staff are carrying out additional inspections of the highway and preparing to repair potholes, caused by flood water.

The yellow warnings for rain issued by the Met Office for Monday, 24 February

Yellow warnings for rain in York added for Monday

11 months ago

The Met Office has issued rain warnings covering York this Monday (24 February).

There is already a yellow warning for rain in effect for today (Friday) at midday which runs into tomorrow at 6am.

That has been joined by two yellow warnings for rain on Monday, from midnight to 3pm.

The forecast is likely to raise concerns about the River Ouse rising again, but there is no projection as yet of it getting as high as it was at the start of the week.

The latest flood level forecast runs till 9.15am tomorrow, when it is predicted to rise again to 3.54m.

The yellow weather warning for rain from the Met Office for Friday, 21 February

Here are the latest weather warning and river level forecasts for York

11 months ago

More rain is on the way and the York river levels are expected to rise.

The Met Office has put out yellow weather warnings for the next two days which cover York.

The warning runs from Friday (21 Feb) @ 12pm-Sat (22 Feb) @ 6am, and says: “Persistent rain, heavy over hills, may lead to flooding and travel disruption during Friday and Friday night.”

As of 9am today (Thursday, 20 February) the River Ouse in central York was 3.42m, down a full metre from its peak.

But it is forecast to rise to 3.91m by 7am tomorrow, and the City of York Council are asking residents to keep an eye out for the latest Environment Agency info and alerts.

There are six flood warnings still in place in and around York:

The clean up operation has begun after the floods

11 months ago

Work has begun to clean up after the riverside flooding post-Storm Dennis.

City of York Council’s clean-up operation started yesterday (Wednesday, 19 February), but flood defences are staying firmly in place to continue protecting the city as heavy rain is expected this weekend.

Council leader Keith Aspden said:

  • As our clean-up operation starts, you’ll see our front line teams sweeping and cleaning paths and cycle routes across the city from today. We’ll also be carrying out additional inspections of our roads to repair potholes.

    York remains vibrant and exciting as usual, offering lots of activities and events for residents and visitors over this half-term.

Ouse Bridge in York on 17 February. Photograph: YorkMix

Bridges to be checked for damage as flood waters recede

11 months ago

Now that the water levels are dropping thoughts are turning to safety and recovery.

YorkMix reader and photographer extraordinaire Anthony Chappel-Ross asked an important question about the state of the bridges in the wake of the flooding.

We’ve asked the question to City of York Council – and the answer is, yes.

This is from James Gilchrist, assistant director for transport, highways and environment:

  • Currently there are no signs of any serious damage as a result of the recent stormy weather.

    However, as is responsible we will be checking our roads and bridges as part of the recovery work, which will take place in the coming days.

Video: Flood defences stay in place to protect York

11 months ago

Water levels are dropping, but York’s flood defences are staying firmly in place.

The River Ouse peaked at 4.43m on Monday – the highest it has reached since the 2015 floods – but the defences did their job.

Since then levels have fallen and at noon today (Wednesday, 19 February) it was at 3.7m.

City of York Council continues to work closely with the York and North Yorkshire Local Resilience Forum, which includes police and fire services as well as North Yorkshire County Council, Met Office and Environment Agency.

Skeldergate reopened today after the waters receded. That follows Fetter Lane, Baille Hill, Knavesmire Road and Fordlands Road reopening.

Leader of the council Keith Aspden said teams were visiting residents in flood-risk areas “to assess their needs and give the latest advice and information and I would like to thank residents for their patience and support as the city deals with storms on consecutive weekends”.

Another York road closed by floodwater

12 months ago

City of York Council says that Knavesmire Road is now closed to traffic by floodwater.

These pictures by David Dunning show the water covering the road.

Knavesmire Road

York firefighters called to car stuck in floodwater

12 months ago

A timely reminder from the fire service.

Flashback to 17 February, looking over to the Kings Arms. Photographs: Richard McDougall

Some pictures of the river as it peaked today

12 months ago

These pictures of the River Ouse were taken today by YorkMix photographer Richard McDougall.

They were taken around the time the river hit its peak. Hopefully it’s all downhill from here.

This high and no higher… Dame Judi Dench Walk shortly before 11am on Monday
The Grand Opera House took precautions but escaped the floodwaters
Woodsmill Quay and the Lowther
The flood barriers do their job

This is why the Millennium Bridge was impassable today

12 months ago

One picture, by Reddit user CHILLI112, reveals why no one could use the Millennium Bridge today.

The Millennium Bridge at lunchtime today from r/york

Flood level forecast lowered – ‘We’re really relieved’ says council leader

12 months ago

It looks more and more like York has dodged a bullet.

The latest prediction for the peak level of the River Ouse is 4.6m, below the level that would overcome the city’s defences.

City of York Council leader Keith Aspden said:

  • We were really relieved to hear from the Environment Agency this afternoon the revised prediction for the river level to 4.6m.

    And the city’s defences are 4.8m.

He said the council had done all it could over the weekend to prepare. Now it was time to recognise that the floodwaters are still here, “but also looking to the future in terms of making a case to government and the Environment Agency for more certainty”.

  • With climate change it can’t just be about flood defences to stop the water.

    We’re going to have to look at reducing the amount of water. So for example, work upstream, landscaping, as well as flood defences.

    For the Environment Agency the big challenge is you need to spend the money that you’ve been given by the government. But you also need to help individual householders.

    For too long a lot of this work has been too slow. This is another big reminder about why in cities like York we need to speed up that work.

Four roads remain closed in York

12 months ago

Underlining the fact that York is very much O4B (open for business) is that only four roads are closed by the flooding. They are:

  • Skeldergate
  • B1222 Naburn Lane
  • Main Street, Nether Poppleton
  • Acaster Lane.

Millennium Bridge now inaccessible

12 months ago

The Millennium Bridge is out of bounds for the time being.

At 8.46am Kate Ravilious from the York Cycle Campaign tweeted that it was no longer accessible to pedestrians and cyclists:

That means all of the riverside walking and cycling paths are out of bounds for now. This is from Is it flooded?, the footpath guide created by Richard Lane that we reported on yesterday.

Cllr Paula Widdowson

‘If it goes above 4.8m some areas will experience flooding.’

12 months ago

City of York Council executive member for the environment Cllr Paula Widdowson was on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme this morning.

She told presenter Justin Webb: “The city of York is at the confluence of two rivers. We’re used to flooding – it floods two, three, four times a year in our city.

“We have all of our operations in process. All of the pumps, the flood defences, are all up and running and have been since two or three days before Storm Ciara.

“And the city is well and truly open for business.

“In fact we’ve had significant numbers over the weekend enjoying our Viking Festival.”

He asked her if she was concerned about what happens next.

  • Of course we’re concerned about later today. The Environment Agency are forecasting that the river will get up to 4.8m.

    At 4.8m our defences hold. If it goes above 4.8m there are some areas where we will experience flooding.

    We are very prepared to cope with it. You know the stories from York – and we have learned all of our lessons from York.

    Our operations teams have absolutely worked wonders. They’ve been working 24/7 for nearly ten, 12, days now. And they’ll continue to do so.

York Central MP Rachael Maskell at Tower Gardens this morning. Photograph: YorkMix

Rachael Maskell: ‘The barriers are holding, which is good news’

12 months ago

York Central MP Rachael Maskell was out early this morning looking at the river levels.

She told YorkMix: “We think we’ve got about another half metre for the river to rise through the day.

“But the barriers from what I can see are holding, which is good news.

“People obviously need to keep themselves safe. That river’s incredibly dangerous. It’s contaminated as well. So don’t go near near the river.”

She described this morning as “that moment of anticipation. It’s waiting to see what happens later in the day.”

As regards the River Foss, the Foss Barrier and other defences were working “so people in that catchment should have a sigh of relief today”.

People are very stressed
Ms Maskell has been talking to residents in high-risk areas. “People are very stressed – the anticipation not knowing what’s coming,” she said.

“Some of the communications were a bit lagging – people were out buying pumps and sandbags, and then to find that a barrier appeared at the end of the road. So I think we can learn from some of that.”

She said people were rightly angry that resilience measures had not been put in place, four years after the Boxing Day floods.

  • My job when I go back is to put the pressure on government again. Things like insurance still needs sorting out for leaseholders and businesses.

    And there are other things that need putting in place – not least the upper catchment management, which will really stop the amount of water coming downstream in the first place.

And the MP praised York for working together during a tough week.

“I think the city’s come together incredibly well. The council, the Environment Agency, the police and other agencies working very closely, looking out for vulnerable individuals at this time.

“So I would say it’s been a good operation. And most importantly, the residents themselves, they’ve come out and supported one another and worked together in their communities to make sure everyone else is safe.”

There are currently 10 flood warnings in and around York

12 months ago

An update on the flood warnings. As at 7.55am, the Flood Information Service had issued 10 flood warnings in and around York.

A flood warning means, ‘flooding is expected – immediate action required’.

They are:

There are also six flood alerts – ‘flooding is possible’ – which you can see here.

BBC Breakfast report from city with York Rescue Boat

12 months ago

BBC Breakfast’s Jayne McCubbin has been reporting live from York this morning.

She talked to David Wilson from York Rescue Boat about his team’s readiness to help should the flooding get worse.

He told Jayne:

  • The river’s got another half metre to rise throughout the day.

    We’re concerned for some of the low-lying properties but, all the rest of it, York’s still open for business.

It’s looking hopeful that York will escape major flooding

12 months ago

The latest update issued at 8am by the Flood Information service shows:

  • the River Ouse level in the city centre is at 4.38m
  • it is expected to peak at 4.5m at 10.45am today (Monday, 17 February).

You can see our picture gallery of the river this morning here.

Photograph: YorkMix

Floods transport latest 2: Bus operators accept each others’ tickets

12 months ago

Bus operators in York have teamed up to accept each other’s tickets from Monday (17 February) to help people hit by disruption caused by flooding in and around the city.

The scheme will cover all routes within the York A1237 ring road until Tuesday evening, when it will be reviewed against information and updates from authorities, the Environment Agency and weather forecasters.

The operators are: Arriva Yorkshire, York Pullman, Reliance, Transdev York, Connexions, East Yorkshire Buses and First York.

Speaking on behalf of the York Quality Bus Partnership, MD of First York Marc Bichtemann said:

  • All operators have agreed to this initiative, which is a great example of how we can work together to help customers.

    It is very likely that flooding will affect a number of routes and this is simple and sensible action we can take together to help people deal with adverse conditions on the roads around York.

All ticket types will be accepted including digital products on smartphones and pre-paid smartcards.

“In agreeing to do this all operators are also able to support the huge efforts of our drivers, who often go above and beyond in already difficult conditions,” said Marc Bichtemann.

Floods transport latest 1: The York roads that are closed

12 months ago

According to City of York Council these are the roads affected:

  • Clementhorpe has a flood defence closing the road just after the junction with River Street
  • Peckitt Street is now a dead end due to the defences.
  • The B1222 in Naburn is now closed with signage in place, due to floodwater. The no42 Arriva bus service will now be diverted.
  • Skeldergate has been closed this afternoon (Sunday 16 February) for several hours while the EA deploys additional sandbags to the area. This will reopen as soon as possible
  • Main Street in Nether Poppleton will close this afternoon (Sunday 16 February) due to river flooding. The no10 First bus service will be diverted.
  • Millennium Bridge will be closed as water levels rise, and will be monitored closely

The council added:

  • Drivers, pedestrians and cyclists are asked not to enter or travel through flood water.

    We have tankers on standby for any surface water flooding incidents that occur this evening. We cleared several fallen trees yesterday and pumped clear some surface water.