You’ve got 24 hours to apply for the job from hell

25 Sep 2014 @ 5.58 pm
| News

Mr Beelzebub will see you now… Tom Pearcy plays Satan
Some people have the devil’s own job to find work.

And that is certainly the case for anyone looking for temporary employment with this rum faced boss.

York Maze is again staging its Hallowscream fright nights this October and it needs 50 people to take up positions which include homicidal chainsaw wielding maniacs, bloodthirsty zombies and catering assistants.

Applications must be in by Friday, September 26. And if you’re particularly unlucky, you’ll be called in for the interview from hell…

Candidates will be called into the Devil’s boardroom to face an interview panel of demons – led by York Maze owner Tom Pearcy.

They will face a grilling on their past life and hopes for the future. Then candidates must dress in Halloween costumes and do their best to scare a member of the maze team.

Tom said all sorts of jobs were available – including roles on the acting team whose job it is to scare visitors out of their wits.

“This is a demanding role as you will be playing the part of a zombie, monster or other demon in one of the five haunted houses,” Tom said.

“However no acting experience is necessary as successful candidates will attend our scare school where they will learn the art of scaring people.”

Details of how to apply for a Halloween job at York Maze can be found at the York Maze Halloween website.

Applications close on Friday, September 26 with the job interviews from Hell held at the beginning of October.

The opening night of Hallowscream is scheduled for Friday, October 17.