Are these York’s most useless signs?

Can you see the signs? Photograph: YorkMix
6 May 2017 @ 4.52 pm
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You know those apocalypse movies, where humankind is pretty much wiped from the face of the earth?

They usually include sweeping shots of cities taken over by foliage and wildlife. Well, it’s already started in York – and mankind is still here…

The above is a picture taken at the junction of Malton Road and New Lane in York. Somewhere at the top of the frame are two signs.

Can you see them? No? What about in this picture…

See anything?

Nothing? Me neither. So let’s borrow Google Maps’ time roll-back to find them. This is the same scene caught by Google’s cameras in 2016…

Photograph © Google Street View
Photograph © Google Street View

Even then the cycle lane signs, signalling the distance to Monks Cross one way, and the city centre the other, were losing a battle against the foliage.

By the time of this photo, taken in February 2017, they were almost gone. As was the sign pointing its way to New Lane, which you can just about make out.

Now you see them…

Today, the bushes have completely claimed the cycle signs and are now coming for the road signs.

It is not the only unhelpful sign in York. We spotted this one in Marygate car park a few weeks ago:

Useful information. Photograph: YorkMix

Have you seen any signs which are as massively useful as these ones?