York’s tomb with a view for Richard III

24 Jun 2013 @ 8.36 am
| Entertainment
Looks comfy enough… the Richard III Museum's temporary tomb
Looks comfy enough… the Richard III Museum’s temporary tomb

Could this be the final resting place of one of the world’s most controversial kings? The answer is almost certainly no, but it is still our favourite new tourist attraction.

It is nothing less than the interim tomb of Richard III. And while it is unlikely to house the remains of our last Yorkist monarch, the tomb will prompt more debate about whether he should be buried here or in Leicester where his bones were discovered.

The latest exhibit unveiled by the Richard III Museum inside Monk Bar, the tomb tells the story of the dig and shows how the skeleton was analysed by experts from the University of Leicester.

“Interest in Richard III among visitors has certainly reached a high point in the 20 years since the museum opened, thanks to the discovery in Leicester,” said museum owner Mike Bennett.

“Although we have always argued he should be returned to York for reburial, we are delighted by the way the Leicester dig has reignited interest in this period of English history.”

The Richard III Museum opened in May 1993 and invites visitors to decide for themselves whether King Richard is guilty of murdering his two nephews, the so-called “Princes in the Tower”.

The top floor of Monk Bar, where the interim tomb now stands, was added by King Richard himself in 1484.