York’s new film will be a Transatlantic Smash – with your help

24 May 2013 @ 2.04 pm
| Entertainment

Co-director Spencer Vale films a scene for Transatlantic Smash with Peter Marshall holding the mug and James Christopher
steve-shooter-bylineYorkMix blogger Steve Shooter is about to become a Hollywood movie mogul…

This blog was always supposed to be about comedy, and it will be, but of a different sort. Unfortunately, due to some personal issues, I have had to put Knock Knock Comedy to one side for the short term, meaning my comedy focus has been on the movie I am producing.

Local comedy pop duo Peter Marshall & The Lomos wanted to make a film, and they have asked me to act as producer for the project. It seems I have a knack for making things happen, and the film is well underway.

The film, which I am lovingly, and partially jokingly, calling Project Hollywood, has an official title, which is Transatlantic Smash. The basic outline of the plot features the formation of the band, and their attempt to win a Eurovision-style song contest. Along the way they will meet girls, write songs, make terrible puns, but most of all, have fun.

We have decided to use an unusual method to make the film: we are improvising it! What we have is a very detailed breakdown of each scene and some amazing performers, ranging from stand-up comedians to experienced actors via some committed amateur volunteers.

None of us have ever made a film before. We have all been involved with other people’s projects, but this is our own little labour of love. Along the way we will be calling in favours from friends, relatives, local businesses and pretty much everyone we have ever met.


Fancy taking part?

This is where you come in. We also need help from people we have never met too! We don’t have any money, we don’t have celebrity fans, but we have passion and enthusiasm, and a good idea.

We had our first two days of shooting in my house (it was free you see over the last couple of weeks, so the main cast could get together, meet up properly and workshop a couple of scenes. We got some really funny stuff, and are now looking forward to having the budget to film somewhere outside my house.

Along the way will be looking for actors, extras, runners, people to hold lights, people to make sandwiches, drivers and loads of other roles. Please help, or I will have to do all of them.

We made a video, please watch it, if you like it, please consider contributing. We know how hard the economy makes everything at the moment which is why we are offering some great perks in return.

If you give us £1 we will thank you in the credits, £20 gets you a DVD of the film and a CD of the soundtrack. Fancy a private gig from the band? Donate £250 and we will pile into the car and turn up on your door.

Basically, please help!