York’s first LGBTQ prom takes place this weekend

Photograph: Jiroe on Unsplash
26 Feb 2019 @ 6.45 pm
| Entertainment

‘Most of us queers don’t have great memories of our prom.’


So says the organisers for what’s thought to be the first LGBTQ Prom in York.

It is a night aimed at anyone who felt uncomfortable at their school prom, because “we couldn’t present ourselves as who we were, or go with who we wanted to go with”.

LGBTQ Prom York is “designed for queer people – to allow us a ‘second-chance’ at prom where we can be who we are and feel comfortable”.

Decorations and a DJ

Fulford Arms, looking towards York. Photograph Google Street View
The event, at the Fulford Arms on Saturday (2 March), will be feature Jess Wynn as DJ, decorations and glow sticks!

One of the organisers, Jessica Wynn, told YorkMix:

  • We are holding an LGBTQ Prom so that queer people who might have been alienated from their (potentially heterocisnormative) prom at school can go with who they want and present how they want.

    Entry is pay as you feel because we don’t want to price people out of attending but any money that we do raise will go towards running future queer events in York to hopefully help build on the DIY LGBTQ scene.