York’s efforts against coronavirus ‘appear to be working’ – public health director

3 Nov 2020 @ 7.19 pm
| News

York’s efforts to reduce levels of coronavirus ‘appear to be working’, the city’s director of public health said tonight (Tuesday).

They have brought down the levels of positive Covid-19 tests significantly, Sharon Stoltz told a live-streamed Q&A session.

When the city entered Tier 2, it followed a significant spike in Covid cases. And the rolling, seven-day rate of positive tests was “very high” at 18%.

Ms Stoltz said: “The latest data shows that the number of positive cases of Covid in York is coming down.

“It’s coming down across all age groups, which is really positive.

“The proportion of tests coming back as positives – that positivity rate – is also reduced.

“It’s now just under 12%, so that’s fallen quite significantly in the last few weeks.

“We’re also managing to keep local outbreaks, in care homes and schools etc, well under control.”

More people in hospital

But the health chief did add one caveat. “We’re seeing an increase in Covid-related patients in York Hospital, and GP practices are still very busy as well.”

However, she said the generally more positive picture was “because of all the work we’ve done together as a city – and we need to continue all of that hard work over the next four weeks”.

That included the hands – face – space message, getting tested if you have symptoms, and self-isolation if you test positive or you’re informed you’re a contact of a positive case.

“My aspiration is that we in York are able to go back to Tier 1, that we will have brought our figures down so successfully that we won’t go back into Tier 2 – which will mean life will be a lot easier for our businesses and residents as well.

“If we work together as a city I’m sure that we can achieve that.

“We just need to carry on doing what we’re doing. It is working. We just need to keep up our efforts over the next four weeks.”