York TV legend Harry Gration, a dad again at 68, shares first pictures of new baby

Young Hamilton. Photograph: Helen Gration on Twitter
4 Oct 2019 @ 6.46 pm
| Family

Meet Hamilton Gration, a quite miraculous baby, and the new son of a very familiar face.

This picture of Hamilton was shared by proud dad Harry Gration, the broadcast journalist best known for fronting BBC Look North, and wife Helen.

Hamilton is the York couple’s third child – and the story of his arrival into the world is certainly worthy of a Look North film.

A snoozy son
Joining the family

Harry is 68 and Helen is 51. The couple already have 16-year-old twin boys Harvey and Harrison, and decided to have another child before the older children left for university.

They found an egg donor and travelled to Cyprus for IVF treatment as Helen wouldn’t have been eligible for it on the NHS because of her age.

Harry and Helen were delighted to discover that the treatment had worked. Harry announced the news that they were having another child in June.

A dad again – Harry Gration. Photograph: Richard McDougall

Hamilton arrived on Friday (27 September) and they shared these pictures today (Friday, 4 October).

Harry said: “Our family of 4 is now 5! We‘re very happy to announce the arrival of Hamilton!”