York top of the region for Covid vaccinations

York is the best performing centre in the whole Yorkshire and Humber region for carrying out Covid vaccinations.

More than 80 per cent of people aged over 80 and care home residents have now been vaccinated in York.

Sharon Stoltz, director of public health, said this is the highest rate in the Yorkshire and Humber area.

People over the age of 70 are now being contacted with an appointment for their first dose.

Ms Stoltz said: “We are working through the list as quickly as we possibly can.

“It’s going very well and we have sent out invitations to over 70s.”

Covid rate still too high

Anyone who has an appointment for a vaccination but cannot safely get there because of flooding or icy weather can cancel their booking and they will be given a different appointment.

Ms Stoltz said: “I understand that people are anxious. You won’t lose out on your vaccine.

“Don’t put yourself at risk – we will arrange another time.”

York’s Covid rate is falling, but remains the highest in the region.

Ms Stoltz said: “Our rate is still the highest in Yorkshire and Humber, which is really not where we want to be.

“But what we have shown in York is that we can get this case rate down very quickly.”

She said the new variant is responsible for 75 per cent of York cases, but said there is little evidence of the new variant in the rest of Yorkshire. She said the high rate of the more infectious variant in York may have caused the spike in cases.