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Scotland's for me… Photograph: cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo by Nicolas Raymond on Flickr
7 Aug 2013 @ 10.18 am
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Scotland's for me… Photograph: cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo by Nicolas Raymond on Flickr
Scotland’s for me… Photograph: cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo by Nicolas Raymond on Flickr

andy-curry-headshotWith all eyes on Edinburgh, theatre blogger Andy Curry previews the local shows set to wow the festival

Hello and welcome to the monthly Theatre Diary from YorkMix. Something of an Edinburgh special this month. A number of fantastic York companies and individuals are taking themselves off up to the biggest ats festival in the world to share their wares with the baying masses.

“Going to Edinburgh” still comes with snorts of derision from the cynical few – stereotypical images of leotard clad students re-interpreting Ulysses through the medium of juggling and the like.

But ignore such folk – Edinburgh is still an absolutely intrinsic part of the international cultural calendar and it’s no easy (or cheap!) feat to take work there. It’s a gruelling, often thankless but exciting and hugely educational experience for those who contribute.

I wish all Yorkies taking part this year the most cracking, exciting time. Bring back your energy and excitement and share it around on your return!

Here are a couple of the groups who’re heading up.

Six Lips Theatre – Faustus: a new steampunk musical

Their shows are always essential viewing. EWith their unique “lovingly handcrafted”, multi-disciplinary approach and almost terrifying rate of output – Six Lips are consistently revelatory. This year the Lips are taking a brand new “steampunk musical” version of Faustus to the Fringe.

Directed by Roxanna Klimaszewska with book by Rebecca Thomson and scorex by York composer Alexander King, Faustus is a gritty retelling of the classic story, with an ensemble of actor-musicians and puppets bringing the rise and fall of Doctor John Faustus to life in a new form.

  • Faustus by Six Lips Theatre is in Edinburgh from August 12 – 25
  • More details on the Fringe website

The Flanagan Collective – The Bridge That Tom Built

The obscenely talented Flanagan Collective are represented in Edinburgh this year through Dominic Allen’s one man show that brings Thomas Paine back from the dead to tell his incredible story: the pirate who invented America, the corset maker that inspired the French Revolution and the ordinary man who built an extraordinary bridge.

This gripping solo show takes you from Norfolk street to American battlefield, from London pub to Parisian jail, from ship to shore in a remarkable historical adventure. What do you need to know? It’s Flanagan Collective – it’ll be more than worth it!

  • The Bridge That Tom Built is at Edinburgh from August 14 – 26
  • More details on the Fringe website

Meanwhile if you’re still back here in good old York, Theatre Royal’s The Legend of King Arthur is making a great name for itself and running throughout the month and looking like a fantastic show for all ages. More details on the Theatre Royal website.


  • Andy Curry is a York based actor, director and a founder member of Hedgepig Theatre
  • If you want to let me know about anything coming up in August then email him a line about your event
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