York Station plans redesigned – to put pedestrians and cyclists first

Plans to revamp the front of York railway station have been revised.

Changes include a segregated cycle lane running along the whole route and proposals to widen the pavement on Queen Street to create more space for people to walk to York Racecourse on race days.

The planned multi storey car park – which would be built behind York Railway Institute (RI) gym – has also been “comprehensively redesigned”.

Cyclists will have a dedicated lane

There will also be more space for taxis to pick up and drop off passengers at the front of the station, under the revised plans.

A planning application for the demolition of Queen Street Bridge and major upgrades to the station was submitted in March 2019.

It has now been updated and a fresh report reveals residents, cycling organisations and the council’s own highways team raised concerns about road works on the site.

Band room plans

A view through the walls

The report says: “The demolition of Queen Street Bridge clearly sits at the heart of the overall scheme. The detailed proposals for the highway design and the public realm in this location have led to concerns being raised by residents, cycling organisation and the council’s highways team.

“Ultimately the revised proposals place the needs of pedestrians and cyclists above those of the private car, in accordance with local and national policy.”

Concerns have also been raised about the loss of Cycle Heaven – but the plans say the shop would be relocated to the North Shed in a prominent location.

A 2.5 metre-wide segregated cycle lane will be created across the whole front of the station.

The plans also demand the demolition of the RI band room – which has attracted “significant objection”.

The band room will not now be demolished until a later phase of the project and work is taking place to find an alternative site.

‘On the front foot’

Where you would wait for your taxi

The report adds: “It is considered that the changes to the proposed development significantly improve the proposed scheme and address issues that have been raised during the consultation period and through working in partnership with key partners and statutory and non-statutory consultees.”

City of York Council leader Keith Aspden said: “The challenges posed by the pandemic have reinforced the need for us to be on the front foot with our key regeneration schemes, including the station front and York Central.”

“York station has welcomed visitors and business to the city since 1877, whilst undergoing several redesigns to ensure it is fit for purpose.

“Over the coming years, the station is set to play a key role in the development of York Central, one of the largest city-centre regenerations in Europe. This new design and layout will ensure it is a fitting gateway to our fantastic city.”

You can view the plans here.

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