York stamp revealed. Too big for most envelopes

10 Jun 2012 @ 8.51 pm
| Opinion

City licker: the York Minster stamp
This is the York Minster stamp, as modelled in an entirely cheese-free manner by city MP Hugh Bayley.

Mr Bayley picked up the postage at a House Of Lords reception held to mark 26 special issue stamps celebrating an A-Z of British tourist hotspots.

The Minster stamp is, obviously, the best of the lot.

But it looks a little big to us.

Unless Mr Bayley has shrunk to the size of a wax crayon in the recent downpours, those are enormo-stamps. We reckon they’ll need envelopes the size of your average bay window.

Of course we’re confident that if Mr Bayley uses it to respond to some constituency correspondence, he’ll claim it back on his expenses.