York Spring Clean: Working in Westfield

3 May 2013 @ 3.26 pm
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Issued by City of York Council

City of York Council and York and North Yorkshire Trust’s Community Payback team will kick off York’s Spring Clean on 7 May where they will be focusing their efforts on the Westfield Ward.

The first project on the teams list is the overgrown field behind Westfield Primary School where the team will work their magic tidy up the area so it can be used by local residents. Residents are invited to nominate any spaces they think could do with a spruce up by the team to help create a Smarter York.

Cllr David Levene, Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, said: “This project between the council and the York and North Yorkshire Community Payback team is a good way for the offenders to help the residents of York. I hope that residents will recommend any spaces they think need smartening up to the council so the team can make a real difference.”

Ed Gray, Community Payback Manager, York and North Yorkshire Probation Trust, said: “We are delighted that York’s Community Payback team is able to provide the manpower required to help the council achieve its aims.

“At the same time this is a terrific initiative which sees offenders giving visible payback to the communities where they have caused most harm through their offending.”

For the second week the team will be focusing their efforts around the Tang Hall area, then moving on to the Bell Farm area for the third week. For the fourth week the team will be working with volunteers from various parishes and towns across the outer areas of the city.

Smarter York aims to help maintain a clean, green and safe environment for York. The initiative encourages and works with residents to create attractive neighbourhoods with a real sense of community and to tackle the things that can spoil our neighbourhoods for example littering or graffiti.

Any suitable work that is put forward by residents that is not completed in May will be completed in the coming months in an on going partnership between the council and the Trust’s Community Payback team.

For more information please visit www.york.gov.uk/smarteryork or follow @SmarterYork on Twitter. Follow #springclean to keep up to date. Residents can nominate an area they think is in need of a spring clean by calling 01904 551551 or emailing [email protected] or download the Smarter York mobile phone application from all app stores.

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