York shop puts an end to soggy drinks straws – with a very tasty solution!

6 Aug 2020 @ 5.42 pm
| Business

Plastic straws are rightly soon to be banned. But those paper replacements quickly go soggy.

So what’s a drinks shop to do?

The Potions Cauldron has come up with the perfect solution: edible straws!

The emporium on Shambles in York has introduced straws… made from pasta.

They are as long as spaghetti but hollow like a piece of macaroni. The new straws our now in store and supplied as standard to budding potion makers.

Manager of The Potions Cauldron Matt Fairley with the pasta straws

Director of wizardry Phil Pinder said: “The pasta straws are entirely edible, 100% biodegradable – and unlike the paper alternatives actually work for the intended purpose.

“We sell a lot of iced slushie-style drinks, and paper straws were just not an option as they fail long before the potion is consumed.

“These new pasta straws last well in excess of an hour, and do not go soggy while you enjoy a magical potion. Even better, you can take them home and cook them after if you so wish!”

London firm Stroodles has developed the pasta straws. Stroodles founder Maxim Gelmann said: “Our driving goal is to become a vehicle for change and we hope that Stroodles can act as an enabler, subtly inspiring people to question how they consume everyday items.”