York schoolgirl solves obnoxious graffiti problem – with her bright and snazzy artwork

11 Dec 2020 @ 1.55 pm
| News

You might have noticed the artwork taking place on the railway bridge in Copmanthorpe. What you may not know is that this was the idea of Emily Webster, a Year 6 pupil at the village primary school.

During the first Lockdown the bridge was targeted twice with some obnoxious graffiti which was painted out each time.

But this left a rather boring grey surface.

In July, Emily wrote to the parish council suggesting a project to decorate the bridge in bright colours to bring some colour into the village.

The council agreed, set up a committee and began to research the idea, including contacting Network Rail for permission and the school for pupil participation.

At the beginning of December, an artist was at work on the bridge, having been commissioned by Network Rail, who clearly thought it a worthwhile project.

A parish council spokesperson told YorkMix “We are extremely grateful to them for taking this on and fulfilling Emily’s vision.

“The artist, Emma Garness, is basing her design on the original one that Emily proposed to the parish council. Emma has also used images of brambles – they abound near the bridge, as anyone who has walked there will testify!”

Emily herself spent a lunchtime out of school helping to paint some of the images which she conceived all those months ago. The council spokesperson added “Well done Emily, a brilliant idea!”