York pub quiz team take on TV’s Eggheads in BBC showdown

Eggheads' host Jeremy Vine: very tall and very nice… Photograph: BBC
16 Nov 2015 @ 7.06 pm
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They started out as a York pub quiz team, but went on to face the ultimate general knowledge test – battling with the Eggheads.

And you can see how they got on when their episode of the Jeremy Vine-hosted quiz is screened on BBC2 on Tuesday at 6pm (November 17).

The five-strong team of York students are Steve Scott, Joshy McGillicudy, Harry Bissell and Charles Bush – all aged 20 – and 21-year-old Will Hardy.

They began their York quizzing career as contestants in the pub quiz at the Spread Eagle on Walmgate. A year later the guys, who are all studying at York University, took over and ran the quiz.

Later they moved on to host quizzes at bigger city venues. But they still drink in the Spread, and will return there to watch their Eggheads episode being screened on Tuesday.

Surreal experience

The York team at the front on the set of the quiz with the Eggheads and Jeremy Vine (right) behind
The York team at the front on the set of the quiz with the Eggheads and Jeremy Vine (right) behind

“The whole experience was pretty surreal,” said Steve.

“When we arrived at the studio we were all a little in awe at the magnitude of the building, and how many famous people were just milling about on the stairs and walking around the building.”

He said it was exciting, entertaining – and quite stressful too, particularly for one member of the team:

The whole day was great fun, even the make up and clothing teams were up for having a laugh as they sorted you out.

We had one unfortunate team member who got particularly sweaty, and had to be given “arm tampons” to prevent the sweat patches from reaching his navel!

Steve isn’t allowed to give away the outcome, but did tell YorkMix that “the quiz was hard, but we did our best and had a laugh the whole time.

“And who knows, we may have even won some money…”

Evil headmaster

What did they think of the eggheads themselves?

The eggheads are certainly an eclectic mix. All very nice people nonetheless.

They are all extremely bright, with each one of them probably able to beat all of us given the right topics!

They briefly spoke to us at the end and seemed genuinely interested about our future plans.

And host Jeremy Vine?

He is a very tall man. Very tall. That, combined with his very small waistline gave him the figure of an “evil headmaster” – perfect for keeping everyone in line during filming!

He was also a very nice man and we got a selfie with him.

The five first adopted the Spread as their local when they came to university here more than two years ago.

In that time they’ve seen the pub “grow and become a much more lively venue, keeping the cheap pints and friendly bar staff,” Steve said.

And they’ll be back from about 5.30pm on Tuesday to watch their episode being screened.

Steve said:

It will be interesting to see how they edit it.

And we can answer any questions any of the locals may have, or anyone who happens to come watch it in the pub!