York named as the most festive city in Britain

Looking rather festive… St Helen's Square this year. Photograph: VisitYork.org
17 Dec 2017 @ 5.40 pm
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While some cities are downright Scrooges, York is much more like Elf.

We love Christmas.

That’s been confirmed by a survey of Britain’s social media. Virgin Trains has studied 500,000 festive tweets – because why not – and discovered York is the most festive city in the whole of the UK.

Nine out of 10 (91%) people from York love Christmas lights and 81% look forward to their work Christmas party.

Altogether 89% of Christmas-themed tweets that come of out of York are positive. That means tweeters in York are more upbeat about the festive seaon than anywhere else.

It’s Aberdeen that’s earned the title of ‘Scroogiest’ city, with 49% of its Chrimble tweets being classed as negative.

What we don’t like

Got any humbugs? Scrooge, aka Chris Cade, at the Castle Museum. Photograph: Richard McDougall

When we do have a grumble about things, our biggest pet hate is early Christmas songs, with a third of us Yorkies complaining about that.

And about a third of us could live without Michael Bublé.

Generally though we smile our way through the season. Almost four out of five people from York even get excited about Christmas adverts.

York Christmas tweets

Subject Positive Negative
Early Christmas songs 67% 33%
Michael Bublé 70% 30%
Christmas decorations 71% 29%
Carol singers 74% 26%
Festive family time 75% 25%
Mince pies 76% 24%
Christmas lights 91% 9%

The news comes as York puts on its best ever Christmas display.

York BID and Make It York worked together to light up the four bars, two bridges and many more streets.

This year’s winter illuminations consist of more than 160,000 LED lights – that’s 15km of lights if laid end-to-end – and 125 Christmas trees dotted around the city.