York musician attacks ‘lying’ David Cameron in track fired by fury

The people are powerful – Liam Kritikal Powers
19 Jul 2015 @ 7.56 pm
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A York musician has used his latest track to launch a furious attack on David Cameron and world leaders.

Rapper and grime artist Liam Kritikal Powers’ new song and video Long Live The Revolution calls on the people to stand up against lying politicians who cut benefits while accepting a ten per cent pay rise.

Warning: strong language

Other targets on the powerful track include tax-evading corporations and government cover ups.

The first lines hold nothing back:

We’re not taking the lies from David Cameron
The words u talk are blasphemous
Walk around thinking ur fabulous

Kritikal talked to us about the song, his inspiration and plans for the future.

‘Time to stand together’

What prompted you to write Long Live The Revolution?

I have seen things not just in the UK but all over the world get dramatically worse since I released the track Rebellion in 2013.

The problem I see is that the ‘mainstream’ media often tend to sweep a lot of things under the rug and try to hide things from the general public.

I feel that the people have the right to understand what is happening in the world and not shy away from the truth.

What is it about the government that generated such anger in you?

It makes me feel sick what this government are doing to us. It has just been confirmed that MPs will receive a 10% pay rise whilst the rest of the people are having benefit cuts.

Homeless spikes, NHS cuts, taxes, the list goes on and on.

David Cameron has lied to the people many times, but has a way with words which he uses to try justify every negative action which is made.

‘I want to represent real people, real struggle, real life’

What’s the answer?

I sat back for too long not saying anything, now is the time for us to stand together and say exactly what we feel. All we have is each other now.

I can’t rely on the people who are running the country, I don’t feel safe knowing they are the decision makers.

What should people do?

I would hope that people share the video and talk about it. I do not respect or support violence, that’s not what this is about.

I want the world to understand that the people are far more powerful than the government and that by standing together we can try to enforce positive changes instead of feeling suffocated by people which think they have all the power in the world.

‘The money’s not important’ – Kritikal Powers
‘The money’s not important’ – Kritikal Powers

You also use the song to stand behind the people of Greece.

I also have some very close friends in Greece and I wanted the Greek people to get the recognition they deserve for standing together as a country.

I believe the rest of the world should use their passion and drive to stand together and stand up for their rights.

Why are you giving the song away?

The money isn’t important to me on this. it is designed completely to give the people a voice, challenge the government, get people talking and to raise awareness.

What next for you?

I am currently trying to raise money via donations from my fans to put my new EP entitled Liberation into physical production (to donate go to Liam’s Go Fund Me page)

Once I release my EP I plan on setting up a small tour in the UK and a couple of dates over seas to spread the message even further.

Believe the dream and achieve.