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A feeling of The Feelies… The Article
10 Apr 2014 @ 8.49 pm
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A feeling of The Feelies… The Article
A feeling of The Feelies… The Article

Latest joyous noise on York’s burgeoning music scene comes from The Article, who launch their single Robbers at the Basement Bar on Thursday (April 10).

It’s a poppy slice of guitar-synth you can download here.

Formed in 2011, by Robert Fisher on vocals and guitar, and drummer Cameron Etherton, The Article were joined on bass by Matt Orr, who now plays synth on the latest release.

The line-up is completed by Jacob Burtenshaw on bass. They played their first gigs in Tadcaster and York in 2012.

For the single’s second track, Love Is Wrong, they are joined by vocalist Beth Stevens.

Older readers might compare Robert’s world-weary and spare vocals on Robbers with early Echo And The Bunnymen.

Even older readers might recognise some of the jangle of early Stiff artists, The Feelies, in this release from Office Records.

Here’s the band’s earlier six-track EP, Isolation.