York mum thanks everyone who helped after her daughter, two, was knocked down by a bus

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance took Ellie to Leeds General Infirmary. Photograph: Ben Thorpe
21 Oct 2019 @ 7.44 am
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The mother of the little girl who was knocked down by a bus in York has revealed how she is – and thanked everyone who helped.

Gillian Lister’s daughter Ellie, aged two and a half, was hurt in the accident on Piccadilly on Saturday involving a First York bus.

Gillian has told of the moment the accident happened – and revealed that, although Ellie has cuts and bruises, ‘there is not one broken bone in her body’.

She said: “I’ve got a lot to be thankful for… It could have been so much worse.”

Airlifted to LGI

The air ambulance and emergency services at the scene on Piccadilly. Photograph: Ben Thorpe
In an open Facebook post, Gillian told of how the accident happened.

She said:

  • Ellie ran out in to the road, in front of a bus, and got knocked down.

    She’s got some bleeding around her adrenal gland, her face is really grazed and she has a big laceration in her forehead.

    She got airlifted to Leeds General Infirmary and Dan and I got blue lighted over by the police.

Gillian then listed her thanks to everybody who helped, starting with “the bus driver, for fast reaction times, and I’m terribly sorry this ever happened”.

Photograph: Ben Thorpe

She added:

  • Thank you to my parents for comforting both kids, and my dad for going in the helicopter with Ellie so she wasn’t alone and scared.

    Thank you to the off duty doctor, nurse and paramedic for supporting my parents, and the kids, and looking after them.

    Thank you to the police for their rapid response and support, and to the air ambulance for its speedy arrival and for taking care of my child.

    Thank you to Dan, for being there when I went to bits.

    Thank you to my brother for being there, and supporting us all.

    Thank you to the people on the scene who took the time to comfort my terrified eldest daughter.

    Thank you to the people who have offered us kind words, support and love. It means so much.

    And thank you to whatever guardian angel or deity is looking over my child because there is not one broken bone in her body, and it could have been so much worse.

Ellie’s grandmother Ellen Palmer reiterated Gillian’s thanks.

“I too would like to add my thanks to the bus driver, to the emergency services – every single one of them – to the off duty medical personnel who abandoned what they were doing to take care of our very precious small person, and to all the members of the public who helped to comfort me and my elder granddaughter, who was in shock,” she said.

“There is so much caring and kindness out there and thank you doesn’t seem to be anywhere near adequate, but thank you all nonetheless – you are all amazing.”

Police add their thanks

North Yorkshire Police have also extended their thanks to all who helped after the accident, which happened shortly before 4.30pm on Saturday (19 October).

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police said:

  • We would like to thank members of the public in York who assisted at the scene.

    This was clearly a distressing incident for those involved and for those who witnessed the collision. If you have been affected we urge you to ask for support either from a professional service or friends and family.

    We would also like to thank the ambulance crews and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance for their quick response and the fantastic care they provided to the child and her family.

Anyone who witnessed the collision is asked to call North Yorkshire Police on 101. Please quote reference number NYP-19102019-0387 when passing on any information.