York mum, 50, in media blitz over claims she’s not aged since she was 21

9 Aug 2019 @ 7.54 am
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If you read Britain’s best-selling newspapers, you’ll have seen Shany Hagan’s distinctive smile.

Shany is on something of a media blitz centred on her youthful looks.

The single mum from York, who came in the top three of the global Smile Of The Universe 2019 competition last year, appeared in both the Sun and Mail yesterday (Thursday 8 August).

And she told YorkMix: “Fox News have bought the story.”

Reaping the rewards

Shany in The Sun

In both articles Shany, from Rawcliffe, says she gets mistaken for 17-year-old son Tom’s sister.

In the Sun article, Shany says:

  • I haven’t aged a bit since I was 21 and people still think I’m that age when they meet me.

    It was a nightmare when I was younger as no one took me seriously but now I’m reaping the rewards as I look 30 years younger.

    Everyone is shocked when I tell them my age and they want to know my secret. It’s simple – I’m single.

    It keeps me young. I don’t have the stress of dealing with a man. I come and go as I please and that means I don’t have any wrinkles or worry lines.

And she told the Mail: “No one spoke to me at the school gate when Tom was older because they thought I wasn’t old enough to look after him and even now when I have foreign students over to stay they ask where my mother is as they assume I’m the teenager.”

Shany says this is not the end of her national fame.

“I’ve been called by a top magazine in London. They want me in their magazine,” she said.

“Five different magazines and papers want me this month now.”

She is also in a Miss Top Model poll, and you can vote for Shany here.