York man flags down police – because his portion of chips was too small

Photograph: 4028mdk09 on Wikipedia
30 Mar 2019 @ 4.43 pm
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When the man approached police in York in a state of agitation, they must have wondered what was wrong.

And it turned out to he had suffered “a heinous crime”, in the words of officers.

The York City Police team on Facebook revealed what happened to a patrol on Friday (29 March):

  • Today a male flagged down one of the team with a report of a heinous crime.

    The male had purchased a portion of chips from a take away.

    He left the shop to eat the chips but after 10 minutes of eating them decided he had been given too small a portion.

    He returned to the shop to complain and surprisingly they could not assist him.

    He then flagged down a police officer to sort the issue.

Pun-tastic response

The officers said they were “not sure what crime he thought had been committed but it was all a little fishy.

“Needless to say he was sensitively informed this was not a police issue.”

The report led to a number of similarly dodgy puns…

Jez Russell
When the chips are down, you know you can call on the police to sort it out.

Faye Endersby
Sounds like the guys got a right chip on his shoulder.

Bernie Pettersen
The copper said it wasn’t his plaice to get involved!

Lisa Russell
Well he could of been chipped away at all day, so really the officer shouldn’t of gave him a battering as well… officer should of politely said “tartare” for now