York man caught up in US Trump protests captures moment on video

10 Nov 2016 @ 5.28 pm
| News

Those of us watching from 3,000 miles away could only imagine what it was like to be in the USA when news of Donald Trump’s election victory emerged.

But one York man didn’t need to imagine: he was right in the thick of things.

Richard Salkeld is on a visit to New York this week and found himself at the centre of the protest over the controversial businessman’s poll triumph.

He caught the atmosphere in the city in this video, shot amid an angry crowd protesting outside Trump Tower, the President-Elect’s HQ.

“It was a really strange atmosphere to be honest with thousands of people heading down Fifth Avenue towards Trump Tower,” Richard said.

Richard Salkeld
Richard Salkeld
“It’s an area normally busy with cars and tourists and suddenly it was full of people protesting as far as the eye could see.

“The police closed it off and there were helicopters buzzing overhead too.”

He said opinion was divided over the impact of the protests, which have been mirrored in cities across the US.

“Some say it will make no difference and they will just have to wait four years before there’s a chance that things could change.

“There’s also reluctance to accept that this is the result of the election and a sense of fear about what the future will hold.”