York launches a year of dinners with a difference

8 Jan 2013 @ 9.37 pm
| Food & drink

Twelve months, 12 dinners, 12 locations… Nicola Dixon reveals all about a very special dining experience coming to York in 2013

The Laden Table is a sustainable catering company embarking on a 12-month 12 location dinner series. Simply put we are to become a roving restaurant, holding dinners in unorthodox locations including farms, orchards and greenhouses.

The physical proximity to the origin of the food has been especially important when choosing locations – we want to create a unique sense of closeness to what you are eating, a feeling that is unfortunately rare these days.

I am passionate about living a self-sufficient life and I work alongside some great chefs to seek ingredients that are anchored to the seasons and a definite place. The Laden Table is about inviting people to gather in a shared place to connect and share both meal and inspiration. Each meal is collaboration with local food artisans and farmers to provide you with a stylishly rustic meal.

We have some inspiring venues lined up: Helmsley Walled Garden, The Bivouac, and further afield Chapel Down Vineyards and The Hop Shop in East Sussex. But we have some equally inspired venues that aren’t named; we will be cropping up in orchards, barns and even on a beach.

laden-table-2Each dinner will be cooked by a local chef with accolade, each chosen for their passion and commitment to using ingredients sourced, that both taste good and have a positive impact on our health. Food that’s responsibly produced, food that’s a result of plants and animals being treated well, and food that inspires us!

The dinners will be listed by title, as opposed to month. The first being “Winter Fell”. Here at The Laden Table we don’t believe a starched white uniform equates to good service, for us it starts with a smile and ends with an extensive knowledge about the food on your plate.

By educating our staff on the importance of our responsible choices we hope in turn, they become part of our guests’ experience. We are committed to operating a business that not only benefits the community in which we operate, but the world in which we live. My chief team member, Chloe Skinner is most likely found wearing a floral dress and wellington boots, and that’s okay with me.

The dinner series begins in York at Bar Lane Studios on Friday, January 25 and Saturday, January 26 and will be cooked by Georgina Welburn, head chef at Nidd Hall.

The first event is the most urban of all the dinners. However the connection between land and diner will not be lost. How? You will have to come and find out.