York is the ‘best place in England for vintage clothing’

13 Jun 2019 @ 7.58 pm
| Business, Shopping

If it’s vintage you’re after, you’ve come to the right place.

York is retro-a-go-go according to a new survey.

The city is the best in England for vintage clothing finds, says research commissioned by leather jacket shop, Hidepark Leather.

Their analysis looked at the number of charity shops in the largest 30 cities around the UK and then compared this to the amount of disposable income per household in each city.

The locations for the best vintage clothing hunting were decided as those with the fewest number of charity shops, as well as the most disposable income, therefore creating the best opportunity for vintage finds.

(We don’t quite get this either, but we’re going with it.)

Impressive choice

Photograph: Dog And Bone Vintage on Facebook
York had the fifth lowest number of charity shops at 16, alongside the fifth highest disposable income per household at £18,070.

This score allowed it to claim second place just behind Aberdeen, proposing that this northern city has some of the best opportunity for vintage clothing finds.

Here’s the top ten:

  1. Aberdeen
  2. York
  3. Derby
  4. Plymouth
  5. Southampton
  6. Swansea
  7. Belfast
  8. Brighton
  9. Newcastle
  10. Portsmouth

“You may be wondering why we didn’t consider cities with the most charity shops,” the researchers said.

“We wanted to highlight cities which presented the best opportunity and ease in finding vintage clothes. If a city has hundreds of charity shops like London’s 866, it would mean good stock is dispersed over miles.”

Whatever their methods, York does have a pretty awesome vintage choice.

From Dog and Bone on Castlegate and Bowler Vintage on Fossgate to the relative newcomer of Chinese Laundry on Goodramgate, there’s a surfeit of places to find those retro looks.

And that’s before you factor in events like the Festival of Vintage at York Racecourse.