York High School – on the up!

22 Aug 2019 @ 9.16 am
| News

York High School from the air. Photograph © Google Street View
York High School starts us off with some excellent news.

Following significant changes in the last two years since the it became part of the South Bank Academy Trust, “the results this year show that these changes are leading to big improvements,” the school reports.

This year the English and Maths results are the best results in six years. The levels of Grade 4 and Grade 5 passes in Maths and English are the highest in the school’s history.

Executive headteacher Trevor Burton said:

  • We are delighted with the improvements that show over half a grade increase using the progress 8 measure.

York High School carries an Ofsted judgement of Special measures.

Rod Sims Head of School said:

  • I challenge anyone who thinks we are still a special measures school to come in and take a look.

    We have achieved the best results in the last six years because of hard work from the students and staff combined with the support of our parents.

    York High is a genuine community and when we achieve success we achieve it together.

York High School is clearly a school that is on the up: well done Class of 2019!