York grandmother Annie, 70, stars in provocative M*** F*** poster campaign – and she loves it

6 Aug 2020 @ 7.34 pm
| News

Annie Stirk is not short of experience in front of the camera.

During her 35 year career in broadcasting and PR, she worked with some of the biggest foodie stars in Britain – and went on to present segments on shows including Open House with Gloria Hunniford and Channel 4’s You Are What You Eat.

But her latest very public assignment is more eye-catching than most.

Because Annie, 70, is starring on adverts up and down the land as the woman about to tuck into her tea with the slogan: ‘Now that’s a M*** F*** burger!’

She is the poster girl for the Meatless Farm plant-based food company.

And the York grandmother-of-three is loving it!

‘They had to age me up’

Annie rocking her more usual look

Annie, who now lives in Brandsby north of York, became a model last year and was co-organiser of a Silver & Sassy event which should have run at the cancelled York Fashion Week 2020.

Normally known for her more glamorous look, she had to change her image for the shoot.

“I am actually 70 and, and for once in my life, I actually feel I’d like to celebrate my age,” she told Minster FM’s David Dunning.

“So it’s great to be involved in a campaign where they wanted an older look, an older model.

“I always try and look a little bit trendy if I can, with haircut and clothes – I try not to look my actual chronological age – but they wanted to age me up a bit.

“So I had a little few crimps in my hair to give me a bit of an old lady perm effect, and had glasses on.

“And obviously the clothes that I was styled in are kind of more dated than I would normally.

“But I think the look’s great.

“And I think that the message is that everyone, of whatever age, can eat meat-free vegan products, which is fantastic.”

Michael Hunter from Meatless Farm’s chief growth officer said that the £1.5m M*** F*** campaign follows a surge in sales for the company

“We felt the nation needed a bit of a lift as it’s been a tough time for everyone, so more than ever we wanted to create something light-hearted and fun that consumers would remember when they are looking for alternatives to meat.”