York diary: For sale – one Iron Man suit, perfect for parties (and fighting crime)

21 Apr 2015 @ 9.48 pm
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It’s a question Prince Philip must have asked himself in the run up to the Queen’s birthday today (April 21): what do you get for the person who has everything?

If he had happened to check in to the Items For Sale In York group on Facebook he’d had found the answer – an Iron Man suit.

Yes, you read that right – an Iron Man suit, just like the ones fashioned by Robert Downey Jr in the blockbusting Marvel movie adventures. Up for grabs in York, but just a little too late to buy for Her Majesty.

John fashions the latest thing in menswear
John fashions the latest thing in menswear. Photograph: John Timberman on Facebook

It was posted on the site by John Timberman. John is a very versatile furniture maker (he even makes bunk beds for dogs), and it’s clearly a creative family as the Iron Man suit is made by his son-in-law.

Soon people from across the city were salivating at the thought of owning what is, let’s face it, an awesome bit of clobber.

The price? Offers around £1,000…

iron-man-child-friendlyIt’s a work of both art and engineering. Made from a very hard-wearing rubber, each of the 546 pieces has to be cut into shape.

And as this pic shows of John and his granddaughter, the suit is surprisingly child friendly.

The eyes light up, just like Tony Stark’s version. But as John points out, you don’t get a fully functioning Iron Man outfit for that price:

I don’t want to ruin your dream of saving your home town but this model wont fly, and won’t shoot pulses from the gloves…

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