York dad threatens to send son, 4, into space – and his video goes viral

17 Feb 2015 @ 8.15 pm
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From the beginning of time, parents have sought imaginative ways to keep their cheeky young ’uns in line.

And this weekend York dad Jonny Corbett hit on a new ruse – he threatened to send his son Charlie, four, rocketing into space.

When joker Jonny looked like he was going to press the “ejector seat” button in his BMW – actually a button that sends an SOS message in the event of an accident – his panicking son shouted: “No!”

The exchange was captured on video, which has now gone viral.

The episode took place on Sunday (February 15) as Jonny, 28, waited in the car with Charlie while his wife Bethany, 31, and 18-month-old daughter Annabelle, nipped into Tesco.

The 90-second video show Charlie squirming in the back seat as his dad distracts him from wanting his smart phone with the teasing reference to the ejector seat.

At one point the exchange goes…

Dad: Charlie – you see the button?

Charlie: Yeah?

Dad: Tell me what happens if I press the button?

Charlie: I go into space?

Dad: And who will you never see again?

Charlie: Mummy…?

When Jonny looks like he’s going to fire the button, Charlie shouts: “Don’t press the button!”

Why not? “Because I don’t want to go into space…”

Then Charlie adds: “Daddy, if I say I love you, and I kiss you, and I want to play with you, that means I’ll never go into space, and you shouldn’t press that button ever again.”

His dad replies: “I’ll never press the button, I promise. Unless it’s a real emergency.”

Charlie panics as his dad’s finger hovers over the ‘ejector seat button’. Photograph: Jonny Corbett / YouTube

After uploading the video to his Facebook page, it soon went viral. By 8pm on Tuesday it had been seen 262,000 times.

Jonny told the Mail and the Mirror:

“We’ve been having fun with the ejector seat button for as long as we can remember.

“I now reveal the button if Charlie gets a bit twitchy when he’s sat bored strapped in the car.

“I often video us doing things and thought Charlie looked really funny. It was only when I uploaded it to Facebook that I was astounded by how many people started liking it.

“It is a funny video. I’m really not that mean to Charlie. We’re just having fun.”

The internet reacts…

It has also garnered hundreds of Facebook comments, including these…

Genius parenting, child control

– Fred J Ireland

Yo if my dad did this I’d climb over the seat and box him in the face about you gonna send me in to space

– Ryan Christie

If I told my 4 year old that he would say “daddy press the button”

– Scott Keohane

Poor little boy. It’s not fair to make him anxious.

– Rachel Cadman

Gotta love a BMW X5 🙂

– Dean Nicholls

your sooooooooo mean!!!!

– Kathie Bell

I’ve been meaner 🙂

– Jonny Corbett