York couple ordered to control their terrier after it attacked another dog

22 Jan 2017 @ 12.29 pm
| News

A York couple whose bull terrier launched a damaging, unprovoked attack on another dog have been given a dog control order.

In August 2016, George Michael Lightfoot, aged 52 of Celtic Close, York, was exercising three Staffordshire bull terriers off their leads.

One of them was Bailey, a male, grey bull terrier.

A hearing at York Magistrates Court on Wednesday (January 18) heard that a white golden retriever-poodle crossbreed bitch entered the park with a dog walker.

As soon as it did the dog was attacked by Bailey, suffering multiple wounds to its neck, shoulder and ears.

Lightfoot tried and failed to stop the attack before driving his three dogs away without talking first to the dog walker or checking the attacked dog to see if they were alright.

The attacked dog was treated by a vet.

Muzzled in future

York Magistrates’ Court. Photograph: Richard McDougall

When interviewed by City of York Council neighbourhood enforcement officers, Lightfoot confirmed Bailey was involved in the incident but claimed that the other dog had provoked the attack.

Lightfoot was advised to keep Bailey on a lead and muzzled when in public and to neuter the dog to reduce its aggressive behaviour.

At the hearing, brought by City of York Council, the court agreed that Lightfoot and Bailey’s co-owner Carol Lightfoot, 44, also of Celtic Close, must adhere to a control order with the following conditions:

  • that the dog be kept under proper control at all times
  • that the dog is kept on a lead at all times in a public place
  • that the dog be muzzled at all times when in a public place.

The owners confirmed that they have already had the dog neutered.

Leader of the council David Carr said:

Dog ownership comes with responsibility concerning their training and control and advice on both can be had from the RSPCA or local vets.

This unprovoked attack, like other dog-on-dog attacks, has been dealt with to prevent future incidents and protect the community.