York has the most congested road in Yorkshire – with 1,000 jams in a single year

We're jammin… Photograph © 0532-2008 on Pixabay
12 Feb 2018 @ 8.07 pm
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The next time you get stuck in a York traffic jam, console yourself with this fact.

When it comes to road congestion, we lead the way.

A new analysis by traffic data experts Inrix found that the junction with the worst congestion in Yorkshire was the Hopgrove Roundabout.

The roundabout, which connects the A1237 outer ring road with the A64 at its eastern side, jammed up no fewer than 1,000 times in 2017.

Yorkshire’s congestion hotspots

The table shows the top three hotspots for each Yorkshire county, plus Lincolnshire
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Rank (in county)CountyRoadLocationDirectionAverage Duration (Minutes)Average Maximum Length (Km)Occurrences in 2017Economic Cost
1North YorksA64J with A1237E324.241000£10.3m
2North YorksA64J with A1237W274.23763£6.6m
3North YorksA1237J with Strensall RdE553.46431£6.24m
1West YorksM62J26 (M606)W376.1368£6.3m
2West YorksM62J27 (A62)E387.81249£5.6m
3West YorksM621J2A (Cemetry Road)W384.51315£4.1m
1South YorksA57J with A61W875.7175£2.8m
2South YorksM1J33 (A630)N373.97223£2.5m
3South YorksA630J with M1E544.57129£2.4m
1LincolnshireA17Before LeadenhamE392.93314£2.7m
2LincolnshireA46At FaldingworthN222.31644£2.5m
3LincolnshireA1J A151S6010.7536£1.7m
1East RidingA63Mytongate (A1079)E346.71351£6m
2East RidingA164A1079N364.52110£1.3m
3East RidingA1033A1079E283.01142£0.9m

Source: Inrix

Huge cost

An aerial view of the Hopgrove roundabout. Photograph © Google Street View

According to these new figures the average time people got stuck in the Hopgrove jams was 32 minutes. And they reached an average of 2.6 miles (4.24km) in length.

There is a huge cost to all this sitting around in traffic.

Inrix estimates the total cost to the economy of the Hopgrove roundabout congestion is £10,338,587.

And the second worst congestion hotspot? The A64 / A1237 junction at its western side. There were 763 incidents of congestion here in 2017, costing £6.6m.

The research found there were 22,160 traffic jams at 2,416 traffic hotspots within North Yorkshire in 2017.

And across the country traffic congestions cost UK drivers more than £37 billion over the year.

“Combined with the rising price of motoring, the cost of congestion is astonishing – it takes billions out of the economy and impacts businesses and individuals alike,” said Dr Graham Cookson, chief economist of Inrix.

“With the Office of National Statistics showing more cars on the road than ever before, we need to consider innovative new approaches to solving the issue.”

The Highways Agency is about to start work on a scheme to improve the Hopgrove junction and ease congestion.