York company invents ‘perfect gift for world’s first Covid Christmas’

Shooglebox in action
17 Dec 2020 @ 11.42 am
| Business

A technology company based near York says it has come up with “the perfect gift for the world’s first Covid Christmas” – and they’re giving it away free to encourage people to spread some joy at the end of a year when so many people need it.

Shooglebox helps you create a digital box of happy treasures and memories for a loved one to open on Christmas Day.

You can collect all sorts of things you know are special to them – photos, songs, YouTube videos, web links, mementoes – and send them the gift box you’ve made via an email link.

The company says the initiative is aimed at connecting people with friends and relatives they can’t see this Christmas – and giving them a uniquely personal present that reminds them of the good things in life.

At a time when many people are feeling particularly isolated – and the news and social media is full of doom and gloom – an uplifting and thoughtful present like this can have a hugely positive effect.

Mark Hird of Shooglebox said: “It’s not just the contents of the box that make the recipient so happy – it’s the fact you’ve put time, effort, thought and care into making something just for them.

“And we’ve found that the act of making a box for someone else is just as beneficial for your own mental wellbeing.

“The time you spend hunting for those favourite things you know they’ll love – your shared passions and memories, the things that make them laugh and cry – transports you to a much happier place than your Twitter newsfeed!”

Memory box

The Shooglebox team have created a free-to-use website – and provided hints and tips on how to quickly create a box that’s sure to delight anyone who receives it.

One example: If you can’t be with your mum this Christmas, send her a box of happy memories of favourite Christmases gone – photos of you as children opening presents, links to YouTube videos of some of the TV programmes you watched all those years ago, carols you remember singing, photos of festive mementoes you’ve got in the loft.

Anything that evokes wonderful memories and sparks happy conversations on the phone, FaceTime or Zoom.  

Some other examples of the kind of boxes people have been making:

  • A collection of things you know will make your best friend laugh or cry
  • Photos, videos, sounds and stories from a key time in the recipient’s life
  • Looking back at a memorable holiday you shared together
  • Remembering the films, books, songs and TV shows you watched together
  • Your family’s year in words, sounds and pictures
  • A memory box for an elderly relative who’s having trouble with their own memory