York commuters are the most stressed in the UK

7 May 2019 @ 6.54 pm
| Transport

Terrible traffic has left York’s commuters the most stressed in Britain.

A new survey found that the people of York are first equal with Londoners when it comes to suffering the most stress as they travel in to work.

Property buyer Good Move surveyed 2,000 UK workers and has revealed that more than half (51%) of York workers admit that their commutes harm their mental health.

On average more than two in five (43%) working Brits feeling that their commute negatively impacts their stress levels. This rises to a staggering 73% among 25-34 year olds.

The top ten

The top 10 UK cities with the most stressed commuters are:

1) York – 51%
= London – 51%

3) Aberdeen – 47%
= Glasgow – 47%

5) Birmingham – 45%

6) Nottingham – 44%
= Oxford – 44%

8) Cardiff – 42%
= Newcastle – 42%
= Leeds – 42%

Roads ‘a nightmare’

No one likes a traffic jam… Photograph: Dennis Sylvester Hurd on Flickr
Amy Taylor, an Inclusion Manager from York, said that she wasn’t surprised by the results. She said:

  • The roads around York are a nightmare, especially when travelling to and from work.

    The ring road is constantly at a standstill and the city centre streets aren’t even worth trying at rush hour – you barely move.

    You arrive into work already tired and annoyed, which can then set the tone for a stressful day.

Some commuters, however, have it slightly easier, with the research also revealing the cities with the least stressful journeys to work.

Bristolians are the most relaxed about their commutes, with just 29% feeling any impact on their mental health.