York College launches degree in cyber security

Course tutor Richard Hind. Photograph: Benjamin Statham / York College
6 Aug 2020 @ 11.18 am
| Education

Half of all UK businesses have a cyber security skills gap.

Now York College is stepping up to change that, by launching a foundation degree in digital technologies with cyber security.

Developed with tech company boxxe, the degree – the first of its kind in the UK – will start in September.

Students will use a new cyber security lab, ​designed and configured by boxxe.

Course Tutor Richard Hind says: “Research published by the UK National Cybersecurity Centre suggests that more than half of UK businesses have a cyber security skills gap, while ​other figures reveal that over 70% of large UK companies have been the victim of a cyberattack over the past 12 months.

“It is thought the cyber security job market will continue to grow throughout the 2020s.

“So this is the ​perfect time to start developing a career in this rapidly expanding industry.” 

Places available

A York College student

Boxxe has provided the Ministry of Defence with security solutions for the last 30 years

CEO Phil Doye, said: “Our mission with the boxxe community is to make technology human – that is, to help every individual and organisation to recognise and fulfil their potential through the use of technology.

“The work we have done with York College, and the result of that work – the first foundation degree in digital technologies with cyber security in the UK – is a huge stepping stone towards addressing a national skills shortage and nurturing future talent.” 

There are still a few places available on the foundation degree in cyber security course starting in September.

For people already in employment who are looking for a part-time route, York College offers the BCS Level-4 apprenticeship – cyber security technologist. 

For more information, see the York College website.