York City fans pay more per goal than almost any other team in the league

That'll be £17 please… John McCombe scores York City's most recent goal at Bootham Crescent versus Cambridge. Photograph: York City on YouTube
15 Oct 2015 @ 7.37 pm
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Ask any football fan, and they’ll say goals are priceless. But that’s not strictly true – York City supporters now know precisely how much they spent on each goal: £17.18.

Which means it costs City fans more per strike than any other team in their division, League Two, except one.

Poor old Yeovil Town supporters pay the most, £17.58 per goal their team scores.

This revelation comes courtesy of The Price Of Football, the BBC’s survey into the cost of watching the game in Britain.

Researchers looked at how much it cost a club’s supporters to see each home goal, based on last season’s prices and results.

Goal-starved city fans will not be surprised to learn that their goals were the second most expensive. Barnet fans get the best value for money, at just £4.07 a goal.

Pie high prices

The survey also revealed that…

at £18, the cheapest York City match-day ticket is 3% below the league average
at £21 the most expensive York City match-day ticket is 7% below the league average
at £275, the cheapest York City season ticket is 6% above the league average
at £44, the adult shirt of a York City replica kit is 7% above the league average, and
at £36, the child shirt is 12% above the league average.

Refreshment costs are on the higher side. A cup of tea costs £1.80 at Bootham Crescent, as against the league average of £1.61.

Perhaps most shocking of all, our pies are pricey, at £3.10, compared to the £2.88 average.