York City ‘extremely disappointed’ by stadium delay – as fans have their say

20 Feb 2019 @ 11.11 am
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News that the new stadium won’t be ready for the start of next football season has been greeted with barely-disguised fury by York City.

We reported on Tuesday (20 February) that the York Stadium Leisure Complex won’t now be completed for the opening matches of City’s 2019-20 campaign.

No reason was given by City of York Council because, it said, of ‘commercial confidentiality’.

York City’s board of directors is exasperated by the news – saying the delay “will inevitably have financial implications for York City Football Club with the loss of four high-profile pre-season fixtures and the cancellation of several commercial events which were designed to mark the club’s departure from Bootham Crescent”.

Do not be alarmed

How the inside of York Stadium will look, according to an artist’s impression
The board said supporters “should not be alarmed by the news”, confirming that the club will not be leaving Bootham Crescent until the new stadium at Monks Cross is ready.

That means City will start the 2019-20 season at their old home. The club is in discussions with the council over the full implications of the delay.

The news prompted some interesting comments on fan forum The Red And Blue Net

Very strange. Can only guess it’s some downstream contractor who’s gone bust or whatever, because when you pass it there’s hardly a buzz of activity, as if they’ve done all they can and are being held up by something external. Still should have had contingency plans.

Going to be a huge impact on City’s finances. Can’t sell season tickets in the summer as it stands. X amount of final games at BC, unknown amount in the new place. Knights were already selling season tickets. What a mess.

Told that one issue in particular is that there’s tonnes and tonnes of spoil still to be removed (as seen in recent-ish photos) where the pitch should already be. Apparently they’ve employed 3 different companies but still can’t get rid of it quick enough.

Other issues apparently include a failure relating to the new road, delay with drainage works and numerous service strikes. “So far behind it’s unbelievable, no chance it’ll be ready for August”.

Mr Chips
If the club are smart, they’ll have insisted on clauses for compensation in the deal for such a delay occurring, and the knock on effect on commercial activities.

It hasn’t looked like there’s been major progress for a while now. Something must have happened November/December time as before then it was flying along.

If we can afford to stay at BC next year then I’d say that would be the best thing all round. We could use the new stadium for reserve games or behind closed doors games to ‘break it in’

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