York carers look to the future at university open day

Young carers and staff from York Carers Centre at Loughborough Uni
19 Jul 2017 @ 2.50 pm
| Community news, Education
Young carers and staff from York Carers Centre at Loughborough Uni

What do you want to be when you grow up? Where do you want to go? What do you want to do?

These questions might be familiar to you, but when you are a young person spending so much of your time thinking about and caring for another person, thoughts for your own future can get lost.

In recognition of this, on Tuesday 4 July, Loughborough University hosted ‘Explore More’ – an open day for young carers to go and gain an insight into university life.

York Carers Centre took ten young carers aged 12 to 16 to have a day out and enjoy the experiences on offer.

They were able to have a go at robot coding, Chemistry where they made bath bombs, basketball, team challenges and a tour of the university.

An excellent day

Emily Hicks, activity coordinator at York Carers Centre, said: “It was an excellent day organised by the university which brought together young carers across the country.

“This got the young people to think about their futures and the chance to move away from their family home whilst studying.

“It opened their minds to the fact they can go to university and that university is also a lot of fun.”

These opportunities are a great way to allow young carers the space and time to think about themselves and their potential away from their caring responsibilities.

One of the young carers who attended said “I have never thought about university before, coming to day has made me think this could be a possibility”.

If someone relies on your help and you think you could do with some support, or know of someone who does, contact York Carers Centre on 01904 715490 or visit our website.