York car submerged as flood warnings issued for riverside properties

The car – a Volkswagen Tiguan – partially submerged on Queen's Staith. Photographs: Richard McDougall
30 Sep 2019 @ 9.10 am
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You may have noticed we’ve had a drop or two of rain recently.

As a result York river levels are high – and this has certainly caught the owner of this car out. The Volkswagen Tiguan was submerged up to its bonnet on Queen’s Staith this morning (Monday 30 September).

The latest flood warnings suggest that some properties in the city are at risk.

The River Ouse is expected to peak at around 3.5m tonight.

In their warning issued at 1.49am on Monday, the Environment Agency stated:

  • Areas most at risk are riverside properties and footpaths in York. The Foss Barrier is in operation.

    We are closely monitoring the situation and considering closing the flood gates alongside the Ouse in York. Our incident response staff are liaising with emergency services.

    Please plan walking, cycling or driving routes to avoid low lying roads and footpaths near the River Ouse.

Two more warnings

The swollen River Ouse today

Two other flood warnings are in place for the River Ouse at Naburn Lock where flooding is expected.

And at 8.44am a warning was issued for St George’s Field and Queen`s Staith in York.

Light rain is forecast for York for Monday and Tuesday, followed by drier days until more rain at the weekend.