York café’s brilliant ‘Corbyn sandwich’ goes viral – and leads to a bun fight

His appearance in the 2017 election drew a big crowd. Photograph: Richard McDougall
24 Jun 2017 @ 6.31 pm
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It started with one Tweet about a unique item on a York café menu.

But soon it led to a political bun fight. That’s how life is now.

On Saturday morning (June 24) Twitter user The Unknown Stuntman sent out this message…

The Corbyn is a £5.95 sandwich from the Pig & Pastry on Bishopthorpe Road, consisting of

Brie | Sun blush tomatoes | Rocket | Love | Compassion | Equality | and Aioli

It’s a tasty combination. As far as we know, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn didn’t try it during his recent visits to York on the election campaign.

But he must be a fan of the Pig & Pastry after the café Instagrammed this out during the run up to the vote:

Anyway, The Unknown Stuntman didn’t realise what he was starting.

By teatime on Saturday, his post about the Corbyn sandwich had been liked and retweeted more than a thousand times. And even a journalist from The Independent was interested.

It also attracted more than 300 comments. Some were witty, others biting and a few – inevitably – left to a bad taste.

There was speculation as to what the equivalent Theresa May sandwich would be. ‘Two slices of stale bread, ‘freshened’ in a microwave, with corner shop corned beef, limp lettuce, sour pickles, zhooshed to look decent,’ suggested Gavin Barrie.

Others came at it from the opposite side of the political divide. ‘I assume it easily falls apart when put under the slightest pressure. Boom boom,’ wrote Antony Little.

Anyway, here’s the full thing…