York buskers stage a day of music to support family of Manchester bomb victims

16 Jun 2017 @ 4.28 pm
| Charity

‘I thought that I should use my music to help them as much as I can.’

York Musicians Busking Fundraiser

St Helen’s Square

Sat Jun 17 @ 9am-5pm

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Those are the words of 17-year-old York musician Kitty VR, who has organised a fundraising day for the two children of Angelika and Marcin Klis who were killed in the Manchester bombing.

Marcin, a taxi driver, and Angelika had gone to Manchester Arena at the end of the Ariana Grande concert to pick up their daughters – York College student Alex and her 12-year-old sister.

They lost their lives when the suicide bomber detonated his explosives.

Now Kitty VR and a band of similarly talented musicians are to spend a day busking to raise money for the daughters.

We asked Kitty how this had come about.

‘I can relate to both the girls massively’

Kitty VR busking in York

Why did you decide to organise the fundraiser?

Initially my dad came to me with the story about Angelika and Marvin Kils and suggested that I use my music to help Alex and Patrycia. I feel as if I can relate to both the girls massively as I am a similar age and are both from York, so, I thought that I should use my music to help them as much as I can with the unimaginable situation they have been put in.

How have people responded?

People have been really supportive of me and what I’m doing during the time I have been organising the busking fundraiser. I owe a massive thank you to all the musicians who have been so eager to join me in helping Alex and her sister and everyone else who has been sharing and supporting the event.

Who will be playing on the day?

I have gathered some very talented musicians based in York. Faried and Arjun, Simon Hall, Amy Greene, Sam Howarth, Simon Bolley, Lewis Thresh, Laura Kindalen and the Hyde Family Jam.

How can people help?

People can help by sharing the event with as many people as they can in there few days leading up to it. On Saturday I am hoping that people will come to Betty’s at some point during 9am-5pm and drop a donation in the box which will be in front of the musician/s playing.

If you can’t make it, you can donate via this GoFundMe crowdfunding page.