York business brainwave opens up holiday market

1 Aug 2012 @ 10.14 am
| Business

Blue skies, palm trees, whitewashed villa... all for nothing?
Fancy a free holiday? A newly-launched York business offers that enticing opportunity.

The only catch is that you must already own a holiday home.

The Holiday Homes Club is the brainchild of John Logan. He has a property in Spain in addition to his York home.

“I love my property in Spain but I also love to experience new places,” John said. “It was just frustrating to know that I was paying through the nose to stay in other accommodation, my place in Spain was lying empty for months every year.”

So he dreamed up the Holiday Homes Club. It works through a simple credit system run through the company website. When fellow members stay in a holiday home the owner receives credits into their account. They can then spend these credits by staying at the holiday homes of other members, anywhere in the world.

John said club members enjoy peace of mind knowing that their property will be treated with respect and they’ll always retain complete control over who can stay in their property and when it’s available.

“The Holiday Homes Club is flexible and simple enough to provide the perfect solution,” he said. “Not only can it save members a lot of money, because the club also uses existing resources more effectively, it’s also friendlier to the environment.”