York beer stars on The Graham Norton Show – Tried by Dame Judi, Matthew McConaughey and Hugh Grant!

Graham Norton with a can of Dame Judi Quench. Photographs: BBC screenshot / Graham Norton Show
14 Dec 2019 @ 10.18 am
| Food & drink

It’s the sort of publicity that the world’s biggest breweries would die for.

But last night, it was our own Brew York which starred on hit The Graham Norton Show.

It was all in honour of the city’s own Dame Judi Dench, who was a guest on the show thanks to her starring role in the movie version of Cats.

Famously all Graham’s guests enjoy a tipple while they chat – and the host had brought a special drink for Dame Judi.

‘A refreshing glass’

Graham eyes up the beer
Readers of YorkMix will know all about Brew York beer Dame Judi Quench – and now the world does too.

Brew York created the 5.7% ABV pale ale at its Walmgate brewery in collaboration with The House Of The Trembling Madness.

And Graham had a few cans for his guests. Graham said:

  • What could be more delicious, ladies and gentleman, than a refreshing glass of Dame Judi Quench? You have your own beer.

Judi confessed that she hadn’t tasted the beer, despite posing with a can in a picture which went viral on Brew York’s social media.

‘Quite frothy!’

Dame Judi Dench samples Dame Judi Quench
Graham opened a can, and quipped: “You’re quite frothy aren’t you Judi? It went off in my hand.”

Not only did Dame Judi try the beer, Hollywood royalty Matthew McConaughey and Hugh Grant enthusiastically tucked in too.

Dame Judi’s comments: “Quite good… not bad.”

“Not bad? They’re not putting that on the poster Judi: ‘Dame Judi Quench: Not Bad’,” said Graham.

It was created by Brew York with The House Of Trembling Madness

Matthew McConaughey was keen… Jennifer Hudson less so

Hugh Grant was very keen to try the beer

The original picture of Dame Judi Dench with Dame Judi Quench which went mad on social media

But Brew York don’t need a poster – the Walmgate brewery have just had the best advertising ever!

You can watch it all on the BBC iPlayer.