York 24/7: The stand-up

James was on stage during 24/7
25 Jul 2013 @ 11.47 am
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James was on stage during 24/7
James was on stage during 24/7

james-christopher-bylineWe asked writers to chronicle their day on July 24 as part of the York 24/7 project. Stand-up James Christopher was working during the day, trying out a new show at night

Last night I was previewing my new Edinburgh Fringe Festival show to a group of bikers in Morley, south of Leeds. It was well run, well attended and very good natured, being a fundraiser and charity gig, but it was still slightly intimidating to air material that was written for an arts festival!

I was seriously contemplating doing my regular set instead of the new show, but they were very receptive and nice, and I retrospectively felt like a bit of a pompous git to assume they might not be. Some bits worked really well, some less so. I think the show is well on course for the Fringe, though it may need sharpening if it’s to work in a club environment.

Still, back to work (I’m a graphic designer in my day job), and trying some new material in Manchester tonight. Sleep can wait til September!

I got my replacement iPhone today. My previous one did not survive after being accidentally dropped down the toilet (the word ‘accidentally’ seems a tad unnecessary there).

I’ve been writing my show on a notes application on my phone, so losing it for a few weeks, at a crucial point in the year, was most unwelcome. But it actually turned out to be quite positive. Switching back to handwritten notes necessitated a shift in the editing process, and at the very least, it’s helped me to actually remember my show.

I’m traveling up to Edinburgh in eight days. I prefer not to think of all the things I still have to do. Ah bugger, I’ve just thought of them!

I need to finish making a CD of last year’s show, which I plan to sell after this year’s show. I need to pack. And I kind of need to finish writing my show too. And remember it all. An hour’s a long time.

I’ve also got about 2.5 hours worth of dictaphone recordings of previews I’ve done, which I’ve not had time to listen to and mark up (which I do with all my performances). I need to attach several thousand gold stars to strips of white stickers (it’s for a very silly joke which I haven’t had time to try out yet!)

I do really love The Fringe, it’s my favourite time of year. But the lead up is so busy that looking forward to it isn’t really possible. August 3 is a deadline which looms like one of those monoliths in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Back to my day job, and I’m working on a product catalogue which needs finishing and signing off before I go to Edinburgh. I cycle to work, and I’ve just sorted out my rear wheel, and found the tiny piece of metal lodged in my tyre which was causing slow punctures. I’ve been through two inner tubes in the last couple of weeks.

That sleep in September will be sweet.

It was a summery train ride across the Pennines to Manchester, and a relaxed but very rewarding gig. Some new ideas worked well, and can slot straight into my show. The journey home was spent tapping all my hand written notes into my iPhone so I can edit them into my show.

I also worked out why this feature is called 24/7. I’m renowned for my sharp wit.