York 24/7: The homeworker

Archie, having seen off the Haxby Road geese
25 Jul 2013 @ 12.37 pm
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Archie, having seen off the Haxby Road geese
Archie, having seen off the Haxby Road geese

lucy-bellerby-byline-photo-bwWe asked writers to keep a diary of their day on July 24 as part of the York 24/7 project. Lucy Bellerby chronicles her day as a homeworker

Woke up to the sound of the dog dragging his bum across the carpet, a look of pure shame on his face. He disturbed me from a dream about the royal baby, whose name had just been announced: HRH Joffrey Cambridge.


Passed the iconic Bile Beans sign, and debated buying a baby pug doll in a onesie from the shop across the road. Got caught in the obligatory party of hysterically excited tourists marching down from the Clarence Street car park, and only just stopped myself from pointing them in the direction of Morrisons instead of town.


I work from home, so am able to spend my days watching This Morning in my pants, while eating peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon. Realised that I am now the target audience for mid-morning telly’s slew of adverts for varicose vein treatments and payday loan companies, and resolved to get out more.


My freezer broke yesterday so my lunch this afternoon consisted of melted “freezer surprise”. It’s days like this I wish I could have my lunch break in town; I’d give anything for a fiver’s worth of pastry from Cooplands.


Here’s Archie, covered in muck after a root around the undergrowth by the River Foss. As always, we spent at least ten minutes of our walk in a stand off with the terrifying geese that roam Haxby Road like they’re in West Side Story.


I promised myself I’d go for a run this evening but a) running makes me want to throw up b) I’ve got a massive bag of Murray Mints to get through and c) Ray Mears is on the telly. So essentially I’m spending the evening like a 90 year old; bath and then bed by 10.30pm. It’s all kicking off in York.