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Calling the world… Peter Harrington
25 Jul 2013 @ 1.02 pm
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Calling the world… Peter Harrington
Calling the world… Peter Harrington

Peter_Harrington_photo_bylineWe asked writers to keep a diary of their day on July 24 for the York 24/7 project. With clients across the world, Peter Harrington’s job is a far cry from the 9 to 5 routine

I think best early in the morning. Distractions are few and thinking gets the time it deserves. But I know I must catch up with our US agent (Zef) before he finishes his day. Fire-up Skype and moments later we’re talking about his autumn sales strategy in California.


News for various social media is updated daily. Today is no different. My blog, LinkedIn and Twitter are constant screen companions. Review a post I wrote recently How to avoid crap meetings before uploading it to the cloud. Reminds me I’m due to meet the chap from the bank in Rochdale at 11am.


Focus thoughts on a key task that’s linked to the launch of the company’s next simulation SimVenture Evolution. Due out in July 2014, every minute of research and development is precious.


Find time to speak to the Nottingham-based printers about latest promotional material that’s going to press. Discuss copy changes before dashing out the door with laptop and car keys.


Pleasantly surprised by traffic flow on M62. Unpleasantly unsurprised by the endless 50mph stretch of motorway where a glimpse of a maintenance man is rare.


Excellent meeting in Rochdale with the chap from the bank who’s interested in using SimVenture as a training tool for staff and small business clients. Hotel coffee 5/10.


Arrive back at the office and defer team Skype call (we are based in 3 different offices) in order to cope with email and voicemail backlog. Kenyan agent emails disappointing news that a large deal in Nairobi has not materialised.


Lengthy discussions with the team about SimVenture Evolution and how some of the finer details of the ‘markets’ and related algorithms within the simulation will work. Some of it goes over my head but don’t tell anyone. Grab a cup of tea; much needed.


Large UK order arrives out of the blue and Mexican agents are in touch to discuss the Portuguese version of the software. I’m told to hold off on a Brazilian visit I want to arrange until after the World Cup. Football focus and social unrest are not good for business.


I’ve been updating this diary through the day and following a hectic couple of hours realise I’ve got behind. Add some of the afternoon detail just before another Skype call from the US. This time it’s early morning for Zef and it’s clear I’m the more tired of the two.


Wind down and leave the office. Twenty minutes later I’m chauffeuring son to hockey training in Huntington.