As the wraps come off Stonebow House, feast your eyes on what the penthouse apartments will look like…

10 Oct 2017 @ 7.39 pm
| Environment

With the scaffolding and plastic wrap coming down, York is getting its first look at the all-new Stonebow House.

It was back in April 2016 when YorkMix revealed that this piece of Sixties brutalist architecture was to be reborn as luxury apartments, above a gym, shops, cafes and restaurants.

After many months of work the plans by the Oakgate Group are coming closer to fruition.

And there’s a lot of interest in the 17 properties that will sit above the on the lower floor of this landmark building.

They go on sale next Monday (October 16). A one-bedroom apartment costs £295,000 and a two-bed is £350,000.

And if you are interested in one of the four duplex penthouses, each with three bedrooms, it’ll set you back £895,000.

It’s a lot of cash – but you do get some rather nice views of the city…

More details on the Stonebow York website.

An artist’s impression showing the night-time view over York
Luxury city living in Stonebow House
One of the duplex apartments
A plan of the four duplex apartments
How the finished development is envisaged
Where the rebuild is up to
The view from close to Fossgate