Who’s in and who’s out – Complete guide to York’s new-look council

9 May 2015 @ 9.23 pm
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York has a new-look council. After all the votes in the council election were totted up in the early hours of Saturday (May 9) the results were as follows:

Party Seats Change
Labour 15 seats 6
Conservatives 14 seats 4
Liberal Democrats 12 seats 3
Green 4 seats 2
Independent 2 seats 3

That leaves Labour as the largest party, but only by a solitary seat.

So a bad night for Labour, but good for the opposition parties – the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Greens all made gains.

Some big names out

Former Labour council cabinet members Tracey Simpson-Laing and Dave Merrett were voted out
Former Labour council cabinet members Tracey Simpson-Laing and Dave Merrett were voted out
Six Labour councillors lost their seats, including deputy leader Tracey Simpson-Laing and Dave Merrett.

Both Ken King and David Scott, who left the Labour group to stand as Labour Independents, lost their seats in Clifton. Brian Watson, who went from Labour to Independent, lost in Guildhall.

Another former Clifton councillor, Helen Douglas – who defected from Labour to the Tories last year – won a seat in Strensall.

Labour leader Dafydd Williams switched from Westfield to Heworth and won in that ward.

It was the first election after a number of changes in the ward boundaries. Altogether 22 new members join the council. Among them is Johnny Hayes, chair of the Bishy Road Street Traders Association, who won as an independent in Micklegate.

Here’s who is in – and who is out.

Ward Previously Now
Acomb Tracey Simpson-Laing (Lab)
David Horton (Lab – stood in Copmanthorpe)
Stuart Barnes (Lab)
Keith Myers (Cons)
Bishopthorpe John Galvin (Cons) John Galvin (Cons)
Clifton Ken King (Lab Ind)
David Scott (Lab Ind)
Helen Douglas (Cons – stood in Strensall ward)
Danny Myers (Lab)
Margaret Wells (Lab)
Copmanthorpe N/A (new ward) David Carr (Cons)
Dringhouses & Woodthorpe Gerard Hodgson (Lab)
Ann Reid (Lib Dem)
Anna Semlyen (Lab – did not stand)
Stephen Fenton (Lib Dem)
Ashley Mason (Lib Dem)
Ann Reid (Lib Dem)
Fishergate Andy D’Agorne (Green)
Dave Taylor (Green)
Andy D’Agorne (Green)
Dave Taylor (Green)
Fulford and Heslington Keith Aspden (Lib Dem) Keith Aspden (Lib Dem)
Guildhall Janet Looker (Lab)
Brian Watson (Ind)
Denise Craghill (Green)
James Flinders (Lab)
Janet Looker (Lab)
Haxby & Wigginton Ian Cuthbertson (Lib Dem)
Paul Firth (Lib Dem)
Tony Richardson (Cons)
Ian Cuthbertson (Lib Dem)
John Gates (Cons)
Tony Richardson (Cons)
Heworth Barbara Boyce (Lab)
Tina Funnell (Lab)
Ruth Potter (Lab – didn’t stand)
Barbara Boyce (Lab)
Tina Funnell (Lab)
Dafydd Williams (Lab)
Heworth Without Nigel Ayre (Lib Dem) Nigel Ayre (Lib Dem)
Holgate James Alexander (Lab – didn’t stand)
Sonja Crisp (Lab)
Joe Riches (Lab – didn’t stand)
Mary Cannon (Lab)
Sonja Crisp (Lab)
Fiona Derbyshire (Lab)
Hull Road Neil Barnes (Lab)
Fiona Fitzpatrick (Lab – didn’t stand)
Neil Barnes (Lab)
David Levene (Lab – previously Heslington)
Hilary Shepherd (Lab)
Huntington and New Earswick Keith Hyman (Lib Dem – didn’t stand)
Keith Orrell (Lib Dem)
Caron Runciman (Lib Dem)
Chris Cullwick (Lib Dem)
Keith Orrell (Lib Dem)
Caron Runciman (Lib Dem)
Micklegate Sandy Fraser (Lab – didn’t stand)
Julie Gunnell (Lab)
Dave Merrett (Lab)
Julie Gunnell (Lab)
Johnny Hayes (Ind)
Lars Kramm (Green)
Osbaldwick and Derwent Mark Warters (Ind) Jenny Brooks (Cons)
Mark Warters (Ind)
Rawcliffe and Clifton Without Linsay Cunningham (Lab)
Neil McIlveen (Lab)
Joe Watt (Con – stood in Rural West York)
Peter Dew (Cons)
Sam Lisle (Cons)
Stuart Rawlings (Cons)
Rural West York Ian Gillies (Cons)
Paul Healey (Cons – stood for Micklegate ward)
Chris Steward (Cons)
Ian Gillies (Cons)
Chris Steward (Cons)
Strensall Paul Doughty (Cons)
Sian Wiseman (Ind)
Paul Doughty (Cons)
Helen Douglas (Cons)
Westfield Steve Burton (Lab)
Andrew Waller (Lib Dem)
Dafydd Williams (Lab – stood in Heworth ward)
Susan Hunter (Lib Dem)
Sheena Jackson (Lib Dem)
Andrew Waller (Lib Dem)
Wheldrake George Barton (Cons – didn’t stand) Suzie Mercer

Some of the wards has changed. Derwent has become part of Osbaldwick and Derwent. Clifton now only elects two councillors.

Fulford is now Fulford and Heslington. Guildhall elects three, rather than two, councillors.

Skelton, Rawcliffe & Clifton Without became just Rawcliffe & Clifton Without.

York council 2015 election results

York returning officer Kersten England announces the result of the Hull ward vote. Photograph: City of York Council / YouTube
York returning officer Kersten England announces the result of the Hull ward vote. Photograph: City of York Council / YouTube
Here are the full results for every ward.

Acomb ward

Ballantine, John ThomasLiberal Democrat462
Barnes, Stuart JamesLabour Party1,462
Brown, JasonConservative Party1,286
Mayne, Reuban AlexanderLiberal Democrat636
Myers, Keith RobertConservative Party1,440
Rowan, AliceGreen Party506
Scaum, VincentUK Independence Party (UKIP)679
Simpson-Laing, Tracey LouiseLabour Party1,292
Wilson, AndyGreen Party382

Bishopthorpe ward

Galvin, John ChristopherConservative Party1,274
Green, Carole AnnIndependent606
Khan, Daniel Yameen PrakashLiberal Democrat144
Scrase, BobLabour Party407
Williams, DavidGreen Party154

Clifton ward

Abel, Tobie JamesLiberal Democrat550
Gambold, BillConservative Party826
King, KenIndependent479
Myers, DannyLabour Party1,554
Powell, JanConservative Party705
Readle, MartinTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition131
Scott, David LeeIndependent279
Scullion, DavidUK Independence Party (UKIP)465
Spillard, CandyGreen Party Lead Candidate658
Walford, JohnGreen Party584
Wann, DerekLiberal Democrat302
Wells, MargaretLabour Party1,175

Copmanthorpe ward

Aitken, JenniferGreen Party184
Brown, Richard Charles AlfredLiberal Democrat689
Carr, David TerryConservative Party1,339
Horton, David AnthonyLabour Party432

Dringhouses and Woodthorpe ward

Abbott, PaulUK Independence Party (UKIP)792
Donnor, Daniel JamesConservative Party1,728
Fenton, Stephen DanielLiberal Democrat2,649
Freckelton, MattConservative Party1,461
Gray, BronwenGreen Party635
Gray, JohnGreen Party512
Hodgson, Gerard PaulLabour Party1,238
Lltten, MatthewConservative Party1,569
Mason, Ashley RobertLiberal Democrat2,368
Milne, RitaLabour Party1,159
Owen, William JosephLabour Party1,022
Reid, Ann LorraineLiberal Democrat3,104
Wooding, Caleb JohnGreen Party459

Fishergate ward

Chatfield, Jamie AnthonyTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition103
D'Agorne, AndyGreen Party2,241
Graham, HugoConservative Party587
Imeson, Shawn RichardLiberal Democrat154
Kingsbury, CharlieLiberal Democrat275
Norman, George HaroldLabour Party974
Redfern, MargaretConservative Party573
Taylor, DaveGreen Party1,997
Turton, ThomasUK Independence Party (UKIP)315
Watson, Susan ElizabethLabour Party785

Fulford and Heslington ward

Aspden, Keith Richard JamesLiberal Democrat1,188
Fletcher, GeoffLabour Party355
McMahon, TessGreen Party156
Stewart, Calum JamesConservative Party437

Guildhall ward

Brittlebank, JohnUK Independence Party (UKIP)520
Campbell-Thomas, GordonIndependent386
Craghill, DeniseGreen Party First Choice Candidate1,895
Dickenson, AndrewTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition214
Flinders, James AlexanderLabour Party1,625
Green, Michael JosephLiberal Democrat511
Keenan, JanConservative Party1,209
Law, AndyGreen Party Second Choice Candidate1,253
Looker, Janet MaryLabour Party1,621
Love, NickLiberal Democrat672
Pilling, KateLabour Party1,407
Robinson, JackConservative Party1,112
Robinson, JanetteConservative Party984
Tranmer, June LesleyGreen Party Third Choice Candidate1,060
Watson, Brian Walter Joseph EdwardIndependent416
Waudby, DerekLiberal Democrat254

Haxby and Wigginton ward

Bowgett, Denise WendyLabour Party926
Craven, IanLabour Party1,129
Crosby, Martin LewisLiberal Democrat2,432
Cuthbertson, Ian MichaelLiberal Democrat2,707
Donovan, PaulGreen Party414
Gates, John EdwinConservative Party2,582
Hale, Henry DavidGreen Party344
Johnstone, Stephen AlexanderLabour Party963
Richardson, TonyConservative Party2,640
Robertshaw, Alan PhilipGreen Party606
Watson-Smith, RoyConservative Party2,395
Wilier, SueLiberal Democrat2,113
Wyatt, Neil Andrew CharlesIndependent420

Heworth ward

Boyce, BarbaraLabour Party2,166
Dixon, JessGreen Party1,283
Funnell, TinaLabour Party2,101
Gambold, JenniferConservative Party1,448
Gordon, GinevraGreen Party907
Guest, KennethUK Independence Party907
Normandale, Nicola ClareGreen Party1,047
Packington, Ian ErnestLiberal Democrat696
Rhodes, TeriConservative Party1,377
Rich, BenLiberal Democrat480
Smith, Nigel FenwickTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition276
Smith, TerryConservative Party1,174
Smithson, Matthew JohnLiberal Democrat385
Williams, Dafydd EmlynLabour Party2,001

Heworth Without ward

Ayre, Nigel JohnLiberal Democrat1,420
Bowron, FredUK Independence Party (UKIP)163
Doherty, DougGreen Party150
Whitney, Andrew GeorgeConservative Party603
Winch, Simon Mark Labour Party 1 ------------374

Holgate ward

Adamson, Robert MorayLiberal Democrat1,018
Cannon, MaryLabour Party2,037
Cook, Adam DanielConservative Party1,516
Crisp, SonjaLabour Party2,183
Derbyshire, FionaLabour Party1,789
Hanley, PamGreen Party1,273
Harris, PeteGreen Party876
Heinemeyer, AndreasGreen Party954
Morley, Jonathan PeterLiberal Democrat812
Morris, Judith MaryUK Independence Party (UKIP)924
Ovenden, KirstonConservative Party1,221
Reid, Matthew JonathanLiberal Democrat849
Sobotkova, PetraConservative Party957
Vardigans, GwenTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition326
Vassie, Christian MauriceIndependent729

Hull Road ward

Anderson, Keith PhilipUK Independence Party (UKIP)667
Barnes, NeilLabour and Cooperative Party1,999
Cossham, John ScobellGreen Party Lead Candidate1,408
Davies, Thomas AlexanderLiberal Democrat492
Edwards, Rachel SarahLiberal Democrat609
Gundrey, Stacey Leanne HockinGreen PartyWithdrawn
Heawood, John PatrickGreen Party1,031
Hennessy, JordonConservative Party1,195
Levene, David TobyLabour and Cooperative Party1,599
Maule, Stuart HarryGreen Party857
Ollerhead, Megan JessicaTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition201
Roberts, LizzyLiberal Democrat457
Shepherd, HilaryLabour and Cooperative Party1,672
Smith, CameronConservative Party1,256
Wright, Bethany Hannah Conservative Party 11,237

Huntington and New Earswick ward

Cullwick, ChrisLiberal Democrat2,859
Everett, Charles DixonGreen Party693
Healy, MichaelLabour Party1,427
Millard, CliveGreen Party569
Orrell, KeithLiberal Democrat2,885
Pearce, Lucas JacobLabour Party1,136
Powell, TetConservative Party1,263
Rose, Jason PeterLabour Party1,132
Runciman, Carol ElizabethLiberal Democrat2,814
Shillito, Gavin MichaelConservative Party1,133
Vaughan, SusanConservative Party1,388
Woolley, Clive BarkerGreen Party621

Micklegate ward

Allinson, Marc LeeConservative Party1,332
Allum, CarlottaLiberal Democrat448
Bartlett, MartinLiberal Democrat466
Button, NickLabour Party1,611
Gunnell, Julie ChristineLabour Party2,393
Hanbury, BillConservative Party1,105
Havercroft, MarkGreen Party1,526
Hayes, JohnnyIndependent2,843
Healey, Paul StratfordConservative Party1,091
Hingston, Aileen AlisonLiberal Democrat290
Johnson, HelenGreen Party Third Choice Candidate1,495
Kramm, LarsGreen Party First Choice Candidate1,919
Merrett, DaveLabour Party1,425
Robinson, AmandaTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition236

Osbaldwick and Derwent ward

Bennett, RossGreen Party310
Brooks, Sally HeatherGreen Party400
Brooks, JennyConservative Party1,989
Dickson, Robin NicholasConservative Party1,162
Hill, Richard IanLiberal Democrat421
Maggs, LindaLiberal Democrat934
Shannon, Callum JohnLabour Party684
Warters, Mark JonathanIndependent1,167
Windmill, Mark Alan Labour Party 1458

Rawcliffe and Clifton Without ward

Bell, RodGreen Party481
Boreham, Caroline LeonoraGreen Party Lead Candidate556
Brabham, Robin LouisGreen Party426
Cunningham, Linsay DawnLabour Party1,662
Dew, Peter AnthonyConservative Party2,325
Lisle, SamConservative Party1,905
Mcllveen, Neil EdwardLabour Party1,441
Panter, Ian FrederickLabour Party1,347
Rawlings, Stuart RichardConservative Party2,085
Shrimpton, Richard CeriLiberal Democrat1,576
Waudby, Mark KelsallLiberal Democrat1,561
Waudby, Samantha JaneLiberal Democrat1,407

Rural West York ward

Bradley, JayneLiberal Democrat1,022
Cossham. GillGreen Party358
Gillies, IanConservative Party2,428
Hind, SallyGreen Party373
Kind, PaulLabour Party663
Morgan, Gareth GlynLiberal Democrat454
Prior, VictoriaLabour Party541
Steward, ChrisConservative Party2,052
Watt, JoeIndependent661

Strensall ward

Bennett, RobbieGreen Party314
Doughty, Paul AnthonyConservative Party2,385
Douglas, HelenConservative Party1,886
Durrant, Matthew JohnGreen Party245
Fisher, TonyLiberal Democrat1,369
Goodall, DavidLiberal Democrat775
Gorner, John AnthonyLabour Party574
Moxon, HilaryLabour Party605

Westfield ward

Brooks, AndrewConservative Party784
Burton, SteveLabour Party1,464
Butterworth, Sebastian JamesGreen Party545
Corson, Louise ElizabethLabour Party1,564
Donnor, VictoriaConservative Party770
Goscinski, ReeceLabour Party1,185
Handforth, John PaulTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition224
Heinemeyer, Catherine RachelGreen Party575
Hunter, SusanLiberal Democrat2,369
Jackson, SheenaLiberal Democrat2,106
Steward, JaneConservative Party655
Waller, AndrewLiberal Democrat2,866
Webb, Alison JaneGreen Party650

Wheldrake ward

Dyson, WillGreen Party232
Hind, Caroline SusanLabour Party405
Mercer, SuzieConservative Party1,638
Stott, Jonathan PeterLiberal Democrat281