Who has the best home in York? New BBC show reveals all

Jack at his flat in York in The Best House In Town. Photographs: BBC / Sidney Street Productions
3 Feb 2019 @ 6.59 pm
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York is a wonderful place to live, and has lots of great properties.

But who has the very best home in the city? That’s what a new BBC One series will find out.

The Best House In Town
  • Mon 11 Feb-Fri 15 Feb @ 3.45pm / 3.55pm
  • BBC One

New property show The Best House in Town starts on Monday 11 February – and the first five episodes are set in York.

In the series residents who go the extra mile to make their houses stand out from the crowd compete for the accolade of The Best House In Town.

Nosy neighbours

The Best House In Town judges in York. (L-R) Sophie, Alex, Joe, Greg and Maureen
In each daily episode the owners of three city properties hand over their keys to a judging panel of five nosy neighbours.

They’ll judge the perspective champions on three key criteria: the functionality of the home, the ambition of its interior design, and finally, the ‘X factor’.

The first four shows focus on different sorts of property – detached, flats, semi-detached and wildcard, featuring quirkier homes.

Then it’s the final – and the verdict – on the Friday.

Despite the tough task the York property aficionados bring skill and humour to their judging.

In between snooping through the contestants’ storage solutions, our nosy neighbours discuss the big questions of the day: “Is wallpaper art?” muses gallery owner Greg McGee, as electrician Alex bemoans the quality of the light fixtures and fittings.

Episode 1 – Detached

Monday 11 February
First up is a lovely Victorian railway cottage which, after a nine-year renovation project, is packed with ambition, style and train memorabilia.

Next on the agenda is a 1960s farmhouse, a beautiful functional family home with every nook and cranny packed full of objects.

Last up is a bungalow that’s had a serious glow-up.

Tessa and her family outside their bungalow in York
Deanna & John on the veranda of their detached home in York
Pandora & James outside their detached home in York
Judges Joe, Alex, Sophie and Greg inside Pandora & James House in York
Inside Pandora & James’ house with Maureen, Greg, Sophie, Joe and Alex

Episode 2 – Flats

Tuesday 12 February
Featuring a modern penthouse with a killer view, a split-level flat with a very sweet history, a new build that takes the judges down the rabbit hole and a Georgian flat built in the shadow of York’s medieval walls.

Ruth outside her flat in York
Ian on the balcony of his flat in York
Sara & Glen outside their apartment block in York
Judges Joe, Greg, and Alex, inside Jack March’s flat in York
The judges explore Jack’s flat further
The Judges, Joe, Greg, Alex, Sophie and Maureen, inside Ian’s flat in York
Judges Maureen & Sophie inspect the lighting in Sara & Glen’s flat in York

Episode 3 – Semi-Detached

Wednesday 13 February
Featuring a two-up, two-down 1930s home reinvented for the modern taste, another 1930s home more traditionally restored and a 1970s communal build with some surprises from its past.

Claire & Shaun outside their semi-detached home in York
Kate outside her semi-detached house in York
Beth with her two children, Jack & Polly outside their semi-detached home in York
Alex checks out some old photos of the property he is judging, John & Julie’s semi-detached house in York
Judge Joe investigates the decor inside John & Julie’s house
Judges, Maureen, Alex, & Sophie inside John & Julie’s home
Judges Greg and Alex inspect the lighting in Beth’s semi-detached house in York

Episode 4 – Wildcard

Thursday 14 February
Three York wildcard properties are thrown into the mix in the hope of being selected for the final.

Phil & Flo outside their wildcard property in York
Lindsay outside her wildcard York property
Martin & Christine outside their wildcard property in York
Judges Joe, Sophie & Maureen inside Phil & Flo’s wildcard property
Maureen, Joe & Sophie check out Phil & Flo’s place

Episode 5

Friday 15 February
Who will win the title of Best House in York? The judges decide…

The Judges – Maureen, Joe, Sophie, Alex & Greg in York