What a whopper! Monster pumpkin weighs same as five baby elephants

27 Oct 2014 @ 10.56 am
| News

Lordy. Mal Carter and friend
Gardeners, look away now. However good your autumn crop, it won’t match up to this monster.

This enormous pumpkin weighs in at 465kg (or 1,025lbs) – about the same weight as five baby elephants – and took centre stage at the opening of the York Maze Halloween festivities on Sunday (October 25).

It was grown by Mal Carter of Middlesbrough, and had to be craned into place at the venue on Elvington Lane. He won £500 for his swollen squash.

The maze hosts the International Great Pumpkin Commonwealth competition for the North of England. In the children’s category, six year old Ed Stansfield of Hebden Bridge took the prize for a pumpkin which, at 39kg (86lbs) weighed more than he did.

Christian Russell turns Mal’s pumpkin into art
Ed Stansfield, six, with the pumpkin which weighs more than he does

Mal’s giant pumpkin is being turned into the UK’s biggest pumpkin carving by artist Christian Russell.

It will be on display at York Maze until the end of the Halloween festival on Saturday, November 1.